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From: Charlie McCormack

Hi All,

Would like to know if anyone has heard of the company Morgan Pacific (

If so what were your dealings with them like?

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From: Splinter Wood

A comment derived purely from an observation of their Website, I would exercise caution on their Seminar (The 3 dayer).

The style of advertising should give you some idea of what I am saying. Use of fear, greed and lots of "The Most.." & "The Latest.."

QUOTE From Web Page

"You'll learn how to use your 'buying and selling knowledge' to make quick-cash returns of between $25,000 and $35,000 on each property transaction and how you can work with a real estate agent to settle between 4 and 10 of these deals each month (Danny & Paul Hanna settled more than 350 of these 'quick-cash' deals using a small team of 'helpers' and generated $9.5 million in gross margins in one year!) "


So lets take the Conservative one of $25,ooo and only do it 4 Times a month, thats.......$100,000. Profit a month. If this was true and that easy, why are these guys wasting their time teaching other people how to do it ?? Unless they are charging huge seminar fees say $10,000 per person and get 20 people Seminar per Month...$200,000. Hmmmmmm

Are they doing it for Love of Money ?

It looks more like a Motivational type course than hard core info. If you followed prev threads on Property Seminars, you should be aware that most of the info is available in books.

If you need pumping up and are prepared to pay $$ for it...make your decision based on that.

Remember no-one will make you a millionaire. Got to do that bit yourself.

Thats what these guys are doing except you will be putting your $$ in their pockets.

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