Mothers day lunch. Menu ideas needed please!

Mothers Day lunch is at our house! We are having our parents and siblings over for a special sit down lunch & my hubby & I would love some menu ideas please.

There will be 15 in total. 10 adults & 5 kids.

Hubby is keen to do the cooking himself. We are happy to use stove, oven or BBQ.

Would love some suggestions for a nice 3 course lunch menu.

Thanks in advance,
start with roses for mums and orange juice and chamers,
1st course , fruit salad, with dbl cream or yogurt and passionfruit,

2nd course , warmed muffins , scrambled egg or poached in deep boiling water slowly droped (after breaking open) lol !
with ham sliced and grilled , adding fresh sprouts for garnish,

place the muffins on each other , angled sort of thing, add the ham , top with the egg, add the garnish, and make some doujion sauce, and bernaise sauce running on the side,

failing this you could do an easy peasy bacon and egg rolls on the BBQ, ;)
The cheapest and easiest way to feed this mob would be to have a roast of beef, lamb, pork and chicken pieces. a big pot of baby spuds dripping in garlic and parsley butter 3 or 4 nice salads a basket of nice breads and rolls[ kids]
sweets have a pav, a cheece cake a fruit platter and maybe a plate of a choc slice[home made of course]

plenty of grog to wash it all down and the day should be a winner
a trifle for pudding - the oldies seem to love trifle.

a roast is always good as 10 mins either way is not a problem if people are late or the pre lunch tipple goes a bit long.
Do you have a pasta shop near you? We have a great one that sells huge lasagnas, big packs of (made) cannelloni, and pasta obviously. Pad it out with garlic bread and lots of fresh salad.

Or another idea: our local butcher hires out those big spit roast thingos and can help you with the meat to go on it.

Or back on the Italian theme, what about big slab pizzas? You cook one or two (depending on how big your oven is) cut them up and serve. By the time those are eaten the next lot have cooked.

Desert is easy... ICECREAM and a fruit platter with lots of watermelon for the kids.:D
In a food processor put 1 clove of garlic, I long green spring onion and handful of parsley, process, add 1 container of cream cheese and whoosh until combined.
Spread on toasted bruschetta and top with slice of smoked salmon.
looks very fancy.
Can also use it as a dip.
Great ideas! Thanks everyone.

At this stage we are thinking of doing a spit with some roast vegies & some form of a dessert.

For starters we will probably have an assortment of dips & breads.

I am loving the ideas, please feel free to keep them coming!

About 4kg of king prawns and a bag full of bread rolls.


This has been dinner for wifeee and I the last 3 Fridays, 1kg prawns cooked in Chilli Garlic sauce and she buys 2 long french sticks. She says that's the only night we can have it as it takes 2 days to get the smell of garlic off.