Movement and settlement in building report

Hi all,

This is contained on a building report I have here.
Is this something that suggests the property is a major dud and requiring major work on the future? ould the dry weather etc have controbuted to this?

Movement and settlement of sub floor foundations or shrinkage of timbers may/has at times caused floors to be out of level and bouncy, doors to rub on the frame and cracks to show in walls, floors and ceiling - Degree of movement is high and of concern. If concerned or it is felt warranted please consult with the inspector about options available.

As a BA I see reports like this on a weekly (sometimes daily basis). This is only one phrase in 16 pages about the hard to tell if it is a worry or not.

In all cases, I always: "consult with the inspector about options available". They can tell you things verbally that they cannot write in a report for insurance reasons.

You must call the guy who did the inspection - they are happy to tell you what they think.
Agree with above.

Building reports are basically a list of every fault the guy could find, the house i live in had a similar thing written in the building report... Dad met the building guy here with me as he had alot of experience. The inspector noted it in words similar to what yours said.... verbally he said it isn't that bad it is told dad what needed to be done... fixed the first week we moved in.