Moving Houses

From: Michael G

Hi all,

I thinking a cheaper way to create an investment property is to relocate a house onto a vacant block.

I understand the concept is relatively easier, but I know with all ventures there are "tricks of the trade" and things to be mindful of.

So I would like to contact people who have relocated homes in the past.

I hope to get from these people, referrals for companies they have used, how much it costs (ie cost/kilometer, cutting, assembling, power/water connection, etc), so I can get a good idea of costs.

I would also like to hear all the horror stories, things I need to be careful of. From past questioning, I've heard;

"watch for rain, mud will bog the truck"

"previously unknown costs, were police escorts that werent budgeted"

"rta failed to property detail dimensions of corner, causing jam on a tight corner"

This is stuff I want to hear. I would like to build up a time line of events, how long did things take to do. Who did you contract for what?, did you arrange your own utility connections?, or got the moving company to do this?

You can contact me via email, but I'm sure everyone would appreciate seeing this info too :)

Michael G.
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