Multiple Skills / Multiple Careers

Does anyone here currently have multiple skills in very different industry?
Lol, anyone in here a builder and a hairdresser at the same time?
Do you need a license in order to operate a real estate agency?
Are there any individuals whom run a real estate agency from home?
I wouldn't mind being able to sell airflight tickets lol, since my parents fly overseas every year ;)
I really need to learn how to take professional quality photos, is it solely about having the right camera for the job... or is there methodology/technique that needs to be learned through a course?
I am looking for jobs which I can do during the weekend, while being my own boss (i.e. contract work).
Well I am an apprentice plumber at the moment, hopefully soon to start a financial course. I have completed a photography course ontop of that aswell. I drive machinery on weekend and do alot of graphic design stuff for my plumbing boss.

Photography is NOT all about having the right camera. It's about having an eye for details and for what looks good. Have a read around on and you will find many tutorials and articles. It's just practice, practice, practice...I used to take motorsport photos at drifts a while back but that wasn't turning over good money since I was earning $$$ on the railway on weekends driving dumptrucks.
I work in a specialist IT field, have a degree in Physics, and licenses to drive semis and forklifts.

But I'm only currently active in IT, so not sure if it counts for this "survey".
Ha hm-- where do I start.

Current source of enjoyment:

I'm a Mortgage Broker and Group Fitness Instructor (Boxing, RPM,)
Also a Draftsman.

This week to become: Real Estate Salesperson.

Yes you do need a Licence to run an REA.

I did a crash course in Photography way back when and there is certainly alot of skill involved in it. Cameras these days are fairly easy to use and everyone is a photographer but if you have the right camera, and know how to use it properly - it can be a a lot of fun.

(Also was Graphic Designer for 10ish years.)

Regards JO
I work as an analyst in my day job.

On the weekends I tutor Year 11-12 kids one-on-one. Private tutoring pays quite well and is an ideal side job if you are familiar with the course content.

You also have the satisfaction of seeing your kids do well :) my last student got the top ATAR score possible (99.95)
I need a part time job, I already have a 9-5 job and a side business but now need a par ttime job during weeknights to I can have more money on paper to buy more IPs.
ditto. also started looking for a PT job. maybe something on weekends. any ideas out there on a suitable job profession so I can narrow my search
depends what you are after - late night shelve stacking?

im looking at business avenues to raise extra cash rather than increase servicability.
Outback Opportunities

Outback opportunities are unlimited. You could come out and start your own business in many different areas and the ones I would start if I was not already employed (because I am not a tradesperson and these you can always get staff) would be a cleaning business. Service all the agencies in a town and pull $150 000. Or train as the swimming pool manager and get paid $60 000-$85000 for 5 months work.

Swimming Pool Manager - is a matter of getting swimming tickets (life saving etc) and complete 2 week intensive in class and 100 supervised hours and you are qualified. A remote area will pick you up and house you. All expenses paid except phone and food. Work for 5 months in the summer season and then work for a local contractor for 7 months to add another $60 000 to your pay doing whatever you choose - handywork, plant operator etc

Remote areas are a great place to get ahead financially, especially those who have skills and ability, which most on here, I am guessing would have.

I am an employer in the outback. Anybody wanting to check out the possibilities and adventure of making money in outback area of WA feel free to PM. I employ for a shire. The roles range from accountant, senior administration officer, mechanic to receptionist and everything in between.

You may be interested in coming out in a relieving capacity to see if you like it or ......... you'll never know until you try!

Hope this offers somebody an opportunity they may have been looking for.

We have been here for 2 years and are using extra funds for IP's and enjoying the camping and cultural exchange it is offering us. Others pay for this experience.
I have a RSA + RCG and experience working as a bar attendant and gaming attendant.

I have a security license which I use as my main form of income at present.

I have a Dip. Remedial Massage and I am a qualified massage therapist, but I don't practice.

I have a STACK of experience working as a lab technician/team leader and running the show from almost top to bottom. No formal qualifications, but I've been exposed to a lot of stuff and have more experience than most people who have a certificate or even a degree get to do in their first 5 years working in a lab which makes my experience priceless.

I have an online business with a revenue over 6 figures, which I am aggressively trying to grow to push my profit over 6 figures.

Once again, no formal qualifications and no commercial experience either outside of home... but, my barista skills are of fairly decent standard and better than 95%+ of baristas working in a cafe - see attached photo.

I am hoping to get my MR license sometime this year!


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I need a part time job, I already have a 9-5 job and a side business but now need a par ttime job during weeknights to I can have more money on paper to buy more IPs.

ditto. also started looking for a PT job. maybe something on weekends. any ideas out there on a suitable job profession so I can narrow my search

Some ideas:

Call centres (inbound)

Tutoring/Lecturing (tertiary) - most places require you to have a Cert IV in Traning and Assesment (short course)


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Accountant during the week, part-time Saturday job in real estate and hold a Commercial Pilot License, which I'm yet to do anything with. Wouldn't mind a third job to speed up IP2 process though, just a few hours a week but it'd have to be something I enjoy and paid reasonably well to make it worth while though.