My Bad back and my remedy.

This is purely my solution/ remedy. It has helped me greatly but I must advise for anyone suffering from back problems to seek advise from a professional as to wether this would be beneficial to them.

Over the last 10 years I've been suffering periodically from lower back and sciatic pain. It usually starts with a small strain in the lower back while doing almost nothing strenuous like bending or twisting slightly. It would last for upto 4 months and usually set off sciatic nerve pain down the legs.

Anyway to cut a long story short, after trying all the usuall medications, gadgets and following others advice I had a thought! What about stretching my whole body by hanging? I welded up a 1 metre round tube with some brackets and screwed it on to a beam running the length of my veranda. It's at a height where by I have to be on my tip toes to grab it then I pick my feet up so at full stretch my feet are off the ground by about 50 mm.

I'd been starting to get the sciatic pain down the legs for about a week before also my back was starting to ache through the night. I started hanging from the bar and counting to twenty, two or three times a day. On the first morning every bit of pain had gone! I felt like I'd gone back twenty years and was able to move free of any twinges etc. I couldn't believe it!

I've been away on holiday away from home for a month and have been able to find somewhere to hang from on most days. Usually for only twenty seconds a day.

To date this has worked for me. I am so relieved to have actually found something that works and would like to pass this on to everyone.

If you are able please give it a go.

Cheers. Dylan.
Like Batman?

About six weeks now. In the past it had ruined holiday time for me, seemed to be at its worst while holidaying for some reason. Fingers crossed I've found a remedy.
I can remember myGrandmother hanging herself from a doorframe by just gripping the top with her hands . Was funny to watch as a kid . Haven't tried it myself .
Traction used to work for me.

You can do it by laying on your back, feet in bed with knees bent.

Loop a towel under the knees and have a friendly person seated below your feet pull both ends. Doesn't need to be more than gentle.
YES!! I love "hanging" I manage to hang on to the door frame like pursefattener's grandma :)

I have a good osteopath too and his suggestion was a good quality feather pillow. The feathers mould to your head and neck all night. I must admit I have had a lot fewer headaches since I bought the new pillow.