My Colour Visualiser (Dulux) can't open on Mac

To all the tech savvy individuals, I am trying to launch the MyColour application on the Dulux website here and Firefox asks to what application to open it with. None of them can.

Have searched the net for answers, but the fixes don't seem to work. They might not be able to. Just thought I would ask if anyone else with a Mac has the same issues?
I've just tried this on my Windows laptop running Firefox. It wants to launch a "Java Application" (extension .aspx "which is a JNLP file"). I've never heard of that file type before, but usually "applications" are compiled for a specific operating system (I'm sure you've had people email you .exe files which you can't open)

My browser seems to know where to get the files it needs, but is suspect that this may be a Windows-only app?

Windows requires "Java run-time" files to be installed to use Java apps - do you successfully use other Java applications?

Sorry I haven't really given you an answer (perhaps just more questions) but maybe someone with a Mac could confirm if they can get it to work.

Good luck.
It works out of the box when I used Safari on my mac. but you will need a windows mouse to use the application as you are required to use
left and right mouse buttons to be able to paint.

It wouldn't work under FF when I tried it that way but as was said earlier by my esteemed colleague. It appears to be Java based so it could just be as simple as associating the extenstion to your instance of java to get it to work.

The other thing about the application is that it requests unrestricted access to your computer while it is doing it's thing. I normally don't like strangers playing with my inards without me knowing what there up to.