My daughter starts school tommorow

My little girl is growing up and starts school tommorow. It's actually only 10am till 12noon but the first time in uniform, huge back pack etc.

Happy and sad, I don't know how it will pan out. She will be fine, it's me that's the concern.

And then next week my tiny boy starts kindy.

You know sometimes you have days when you just know life is never going to be the same again and a huge change is occurring? Well, that's tonight for me.
canberra kids go back a week later, (smarter i think ?) but it reminds me of my little miss, i have a tear for you already , :(
Wait until next year and the years after. You'll be counting down the days until school holidays finish and school goes back. Trust me:D
I wish I didn't just read this thread. I knew I shouldn't have. I'm getting a fax through as I write from the school advising bus times & classes.

My 5yo is in pre-primary. Bus pick up is at 6.45am & will get off the bus at 3.10pm. She won't be going to school everyday. She'll be knackered!

My 3 & 1/2 yo starts kindy Monday 2 days & week.

I balled my eyes out the other night. I'm not like that usually (at all actually), but my babies are now gone. "We're big" they reckon. We're not having any more kids. It's so true that time goes by so fast & kids grow up too quick.
My littlest starts school on Tuesday and, going by this thread, I must be one of the only ones who will be singing and dancing. I can't wait. Nor can he - we went to school today to buy more uniform stuff and he had a paddy as we left because he thought that today was the big day :rolleyes:.
Must say tho, Kath, that that sounds like a long day for your littley. Don't envy you that.
The biggest life change is when they leave home. I'm missing my baby sooooo much.:(

Yep I agree with Skater...leaving home is hard for Mum.

But by FAR the WORST day was when my medicare card expired and was re-issued with JUST ME!! :( so sad I no longer have a "family" :(

Took me ages to get over that one.
I'm with ya, Tuppence! :)
4yr old goes to Kindy on Tuesday and I am counting down the days (have been for a while!) and so is he..he is SOO ready for it! Its only 2 full days a week....
6yr old off to year 1 - she cant wait either...6wks holidays and she is well and truly sick of being at home.
So there will be no tears shed here! I miss my "babies" but they are far from baby-like anymore and need much more stimulation than I can provide, so with a kiss and a wave i will say bye-bye for the day...Then I might just go home, sit on the lounge and suck up the serenity!! :D

Only down-side of kids going to school, is that theoretically I should go back to work a bit more.....blahhh ::eek:

So has everyone survived their first day at school? Not too many tears or tantrums I hope (or to many celebratory drinks maybe :) ).

My daughter went off to Yr 1 at a new school without hitch..after school I asked her how was her first day..."a bit boring" apparently :rolleyes: Hopefully she will have more "fun" tomorrow!

1st Kindy day tomorrw for the 4yo....

Yes all survived it! As I pulled up in the carpark (only the first day, we have been walking since), I had a moment when my eyes went all blurry BUT I had to pull myself together as we had to take photos with another little friend.

Apart from that teary moment it was all so hustle and bustle I didn't have time to think too much (probably good).

Little gal loves it and has already got two special stickers for good work (Day 2), has proudly shown me how to use the bubbler and yes, can use the toilet all by herself. Brought the canteen list home today and declared she'd like 'a hotdog, please'.

Now my little man kept wanting to go pick up his big sister and was missing her to bits, but he's got 3-year-old kindy tommorow, HOORAY!!
That means, next Tuesday, I'll be having a coffee indulgence with a friend at approx. 9.30am My first official selfish moment in 5 YEARS!!!!!!
We were shocked when little miss 3 & 1/2yo freaked out as soon as we were going to leave her in her class. Due to dropping off 5yo sister, the little one didn't get much time for us to settle her in so I'm not surprised.

I was annoyed the bell rang so quickly (and on time) & then I got upset so faked a few smiles out the gate, got hubby to leave me at the library for a few hours so I didn't have to deal with anyone, including him (poor bugger). Upset with myself that we didn't leave home earlier, got the guilts..........still got the guilts. Does it ever end?!

Anyway, kids had a great day. Happiest part was seeing each other in the playground and not playing with anyone else!

5yo now moaning on the couch with an ear infection. No school tomorrow I think...................I don't want them to go to school. I wish they didn't want to go..................selfish, selfish, selfish.
My 8 yr old went back yesterday. I'm pretty mushy for a dad and I just admired her so much and felt so proud of her when she got home.
Grade 3 , new classroom , new kids , they change the classes every year at her school , dunno if that's the normal these days or what.

Sending them of to school all day still seems a huge thing to me . I don't know why , if I could do it any kid could because I hated school.

I think about it a lot and still can't believe kids go off on a big bus and spend all day in some big building 20k away , running their own lives. Seems very odd to me now !

Like I said , pretty mushy for a dad .

First full (kind of) day today - 9ish-1.30pm. Then a day off tomorrow, and back to it Thursday and Friday - not a bad working week.
All painless - dropped him off at 9.15 and we were out of school by 9.25. A group hug for our 5yo and two of his mates and the day had started. Awww-some!