My first tenant is leaving - Couple quick questions

Entering I've done and wasn't too bad. My first IP's first tenant is leaving and I need to do all the 'Exit' forms.

Can someone be kind enough to confirm a couple things for me please?

  1. Notice of Intention to Leave. Is this compulsory?
  2. Exit Condition Report. Is it correct to ask the tenants on there last day to fill it out twice? Then I go through and fill my side out? We keep one copy each.

After all this, after they have moved out I think need to fill in the bond return form based on the outcome of the Exit Condition Report? Is there a time limit on this?

For example I know my tenants have lost the remote control to one of my air conditioners. No idea how long it will take me to sauce a new one (it's not made anymore) so I'll need to research this before deciding how much to take out of the bond.

Y-Man, I guess it depends, if it's from Japan, then that's my style, not sure if they make them in Italy, I heard the Koreans are starting to push the right buttons.

I hope the problem isn't too rich.

(I couldn't help myself, please forgive me)
If you are self managing which it appears you are, I would suggest you rapidly get yourself informed of all the rules and regulations that apply. Otherwise a PM will ensure all paperwork is done correctly.
I think you can get replacement universal remotes for split systems now just go and ask at your local electrical store.
I've been doing DIY property management for a while and struggled with all the different forms required, for the bond release, etc. But recently I found a good site, . They will e-mail out all the documentation required to manage a property. They also allow to advertise your property on when you look for new tenants.
Hope this helps.;)