My little reno

About 2 months ago I put out an SOS to somersoft readers. I needed someone to do a small makeover/reno to my single fronted 110 year old Victorian House in the Inner North (6km) from Melbourne CBD.

We bought this renovators delight 7 years ago and without so much as a lick of paint we put tennants in immediately. It has been a good house and we have seen rents rise from 230 bucks (7 Years ago) to 380 bucks just 6 weeks ago.

But alas, tennants vacated and on final inspection it was abvious work needed to be done. The carpets smelt of cat and dog pee, the walls were cracking and many things were falling apart. I felt guilty accepting any money from anyone game enough to live there!

Anyway - i sent out the SOS and enter somersoft poster 'chasethesun'.

I had been impressed by the picks of her recent renovation and asked her if she would be prepared to manage the makeover. She agreed...

The results are amazing

The facts

- Pre Reno rent: 380 PW
- 6 week makeover reno
- Cost 14k including management fees.

- Post reno - house listed for 490 PW....(approx 20 percent higher)

Nothing structural but 'chasethesun' managed the process, found great deals on benchtops, lighting, paint, floor sanders etc etc, did some work herself, added the female touch and imo the results both consmetically and financially are amazing...

The female touch is super important. No point doing a reno yourself if you dont understand the market. In the inner city market many of the buyers are young (sub 40) woman.

I am also trying to convince her to start a business and do the same for others. You should PM her if you have a house in need of a makeover..

Thanks to "chasethesun'


I have a SF Victorian property in probably the same suburb that also needs some TLC.

Mine rented at $250/wk 5 years ago, and $385/week now, basically unrenovated.

I am wondering how you dealt with the cracking problem?

Did you have the old lather plaster on the walls or newer plasterboard/gyprock on the walls, and did you have to do any re-stumping for sagging floors?

Hi Jit

Cracking problem - paid a plasterer for 2 days work! fixed up all the cracks and then we repainted. Its the old style plaster with the ruff finish....He just used an old roller to get the same effect.

Floors were in average nick. SO we decided on a dark (almost black colour) and it comes up a treat. Paid a chippy for 10 hours work to fix some saggy bits and replace a few boards. otherwise was restumped probably 20 years ago!
Would love to hear the scope of the works you had done for that price? And how long did it take?

We are just about to start a reno on an IP before we tenant it. Nervous but excited!

What did the benchtops cost if you don't mind my asking. We're currently arguing about replacing benchtops/cupboard doors versus new flatpack kitchen. Personally I think keeping the old carcus would work out cheaper and less hours of work, less rubbish removal, less plastering and patching, etc. What do you think? Maybe I should start a new thread. Would love to hear from Chasethesun. Our IP is in Frankston, maybe she'd be interested in managing it??