MYOB Accountants Office.



From: Anonymous

Be VERY afraid if your Accountant is using MYOB Accountants Office to prepare your return/s this year.
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From: Michael G

Hi Anon, (very popular name that).

Now how on earth are we to take you seriously if;

1) you hide behind an alias
2) you can't even tell us what to look out for?

What is wrong with MYOB?, how did you discover this?, how can we verify this claim?

If you saw your post, what would you think?

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From: Anonymous

"MYOB Accountants Office" is a product that Tax Agents and Accountants use to prepare and submit Tax Returns.

I sat opposite my Accountant yesterday and watched him struggle with the most buggiest, ill-written, problem plagued peice of software I've ever seen. H&R Block have just dumped "MYOB Accountants Office" due to the serious and substantial nature of the defects it contains.

Various defects we noted as he prepared parts of my return included:
Values that were typed correctly in grids having the decimal place move afterwards. Family Tax Benefit Schedules not working, Parternship module not working. Inability to delete rental schedules, the need to restart the software every 30mins or so. Slow retrieval of data. The list went on and on. There is at least 3 class actions that he knows of that are being launched against MYOB that directly relate to problems with "MYOB Accountants Office".
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


The post is correct. I used MYOb's Teletax for the last five years and swapped this year simply because they could not provide software in time for the tax season. What has subsequently been shipped is less than a quality product.

I understand that there is a 2nd software provider also having serious trouble.

The tax office have confirmed the problems and are trying to find ways to "help".

It's just another mess that we're dealing with.


Ps You should never go to H&R Block to do your tax. They give completely ignorant people a six weeks course and then let them loose. They will not and do not understand how the law is applied and I have even heard the tax office people comment in much the same way.
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