National Art Gallery exhibition in Canberra

OK, so it is the weekend, and it is just after the balloons have flown in the balloon festival.

But this was the queue just before the National Gallery opened this morning. Past the High Court, almost up to Questacom. About a 3.5 hour wait.

The exhibition has been extended for 13 more days, to mid April.

I loved it- it was superb.

But I went on a day with no queues.

We go to art exhibitions all over Australia and I've never seen a queue like this! Thank goodness this isn't an exhibition we are desperate to see. Don't think I could handle a queue that long and then can you even see the artworks once in there? Is good to see Australians with some culture though and queuing to view art, not just sports events. :)
"Masterpieces from Paris" - Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne etc. Post impressionist art, so not really my cup of tea. If it were here in Melbourne I'd go see it, but not really worth the trip to Canberra for me personally.