Need more space - what to do?

As the the thread title says, need more space.

A young family of four in a 2 bedroom apartment. The 2 kids (4 & 2) share the 2nd room. Only $60k odd to pay off on the mortgage and have been in the unit for 8 years.

Looking to move back up north around SEQ to be closer to both set of families as we do not have any support in Sydney. Timeframe is within the next 6-12 months. On the job front, things are really slow in terms of available positions in my role around SEQ.

The dilemma:
A) Do we put up with the limited amount of space until we secure a job move to SEQ? or...

B) Apease the family and give a little breathing space and look for a 3 bedroom house to rent in a suburb close by. Put our 2 bedroom unit up for rent and with the rent taken in to pay for the rental that we are seeking for...
Assumption: minimum rental contract duration.

Much appreciated in adavance.
I would think a lot depends on your plans for the unit when you move.

If you intend to sell, then I suggest you stay put. The risk of tenant damage or lack of co-operation with a sale are simply not worth it for a relatively short time frame. However, in preparation for your move maybe start the de-cluttering process now to give you more room and make the move easier.

If you intend to keep the unit as an IP, then there is probably no reason not to rent it out now and move your family into more comfortable premises.

Good luck with the move- you won't regret it
get busy chucking stuff out.

that what we do - and we live in 250sqm. it's amazing how much cr*pola you accumulate that really settles in and clutters the place up.

things like toy chests - stick em on small castors and slide em under the bed. go for bunk bed setups. one washing basket, not three. wall cabinet in the bathroom with a mirror declutters the bench. rugs? p*ss em off. clean floors make the place look bigger. go for slimline venetians - curtains look heavy.

just little things - we used to live in a 2bedder and we transformed the place. it was awesome.