need phone plan needed that can call mobiles homes and use texting alot.

how can i search a particular topic on this forum eg phone deals

how can i find a good mobile phone deal that i can do plenty of calls and plenty of texting, sms, on

i currently have an old $99 a month plan of 3
that gives unlimited calls to homes, mobiles, interestate, as long as they dont exceed 10 minutes which works ok for me

but every text, sms is charged and adds up to alot as i use sms alot.

I am thinking of somehow getting another phone and another plan or credit just temporarily to try out for a month or two to see how it goes and to see if i should swap systems when the time comes to renew with the current plan

has anyone succeeded in using free text from sms pup. is it worth doing all their questionaires and using though its only from a computer and i am not generally near a computer all the time, though some days i am.

are there other free text services or services that allow alot of calls to both homes and mobiles and alot of texting?


Use the search function...

Though you won't find much on this forum!!!

Head over to the whirlpool forums there is bucket loads of stuff there including spreadsheets to help you work out best plans for your costs
in the same boat, try
they charge you small fee but they do all the searching and come up with whats best and all the other options etc etc, check out the website.

i've just sighned up tonight, and will check it out monday hopefully, will let u know.

TPG are doing good deals at the moment if you own your own phone.

I bought a $50 phone from Dick Smith, and connected it on a TPG deal for $20/month that gives me $300 worth of calls and barely use 1/2 that even if I try to!