Need some urgent advice from the WA gang.

About fishing.

July 4 I fly to Perth with the family where we pick up a camper van. We're driving to Broome - 3 week trip.

I'm planning to do some fishing along the way, but having never fished that coast, I'm not sure what to bring. And I won't be able to bring much.

So I'm looking for advice on what to bring, and I'm keen for some fishing tips - where and how.

Okay, driving to Broome. I assume you're talking river fishing and a bit of beach fishing. Trouble is, accessing the beach without a 4x4.

there's good fishing that i personally know of at

upstream Moore River (Guilderton) - if you're patient enough for Black Bream.

Kalbarri - both beach and in the Murchison

of course Denham.

around Wedge/Gray Islands - but you need a 4x4 to get in there.
I won't have 4WD.

And I won't be doing alot of fishing - I've got little girls and they're not all that interested. So I'll be fishing when I can slink off.

Okay, so there's some river and some beach fishing in the offing.

What species?

What's the lowdown on Denham?
Sounds like a trip on a charter boat would be the best thing. Particularly if you stop in on Coral Bay for example. Last time I fished there was the last time I got into some decent billfish - marlin and sailfish. Plenty of stuff on the bottom too... best fishing spot in WA by some distance IME. Slim pickings from the coast with no 4WD (no go in the sanctuary zones) but great snorkelling to make up for it.

For shore fishing it's a bad time of the year generally other than the "bread and butter" varieties (whiting, herring, garfish etc). Tailor in summer would normally be the go but not so much in winter although you may have some luck going for the monsters off the beach around Shark Bay but you really need a 4WD for that. If slinking off is the requirement and you're just happy with some table fish go off the town jetties in the evening with light gear. If you feel like spending the night on the Denham jetty you never know what will end up taking a big bait! Most likely it will start with "S" and end with "k"... and be a fair bit of fun if you don't mind spending a few hours at it! :eek:

Likewise around the Carnarvon, Exmouth etc jetties at night. Ask the locals when you get there what they go for at this time of year. All depends on the type of fish that float your boat so to speak - just the small stuff or you're happy to hang around waiting for the bigger varieties.

If you take the coast road from Jurien through to Geraldton and Horrocks through to Kalbarri and camp near the beach you can slink off for some evening / night beach fishing when an occasional mulloway may slip past. I've also caught jewfish off the beach in winter in these areas before but still they're few and far between. Good luck with it!

BTW is this where I should talk about my recent trip to the Abrolhos and all the Baldchin groper, snapper and tuna we caught? Perhaps not... :)

I am not a fisherman but we toured that area last year and I did notice some people fishing of the wharf at the boat ramp near Coral Bay, don't really know if that is legal, may have been a tourist :)

I must say that the hard coral at Coral Bay was stunning. Not colourful like the Outer Great Barrier Reef but the proximity to shore and the formations were amazing. Absolute must see !
Thanks all.
I'll do a charter out of Exmouth for a day - we're there for a few days I think.
Apart from that, I'll be happy with 'bread and butter' fish.
I'll bring a couple of rods over - the cheap ones so I won't be too disappointed if they're not on the luggage carousel at the other end.
I'll get lures over there - yours would be different from ours.

Another thought, you will be there around about the start of "the season".

Not sure if you intend to stay in parks but you may find it better to pre book the popular spots.

We were there in August and most places were completely full except for bare campsites and in some places they were full too.

Popular place atm :)
Yeah, it's school hols. We're going with another family from Sydney. Brett (God love him) is onto the bookings. Thankfully, he's more organised than me.

I go to Quobba Station. Its a 40 minute drive heading north from Carnarvon on your way to Exmouth.

Shore based game fishing at its best with spectacular views.

No need for 4wd to access spots along Quobba Station either.

Just dont go swimming there mate - you'l end up on the wrong end of the food chain. ;)

I hope this helps.
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I had never beach fished but spent a day fishing in the surf at Kalbarri. Needed a tinnie to get accross to the beach but the local bait shop can help with that.

Coaght two great fish over 100cm each. Saw them in the surf with the sun behind it - they were taking steel lures that day.

Took them to the bait shop to ask what they were - Tailor. I never even knew they got that big!
That's a big tailor, Simon.

I like the look of that place, Rick. I've just emailed it to tour organiser Brett.

Yeah mate, its absolutely fantastic..its actually the southern tip of the ningaloo reef marine park...bigger than the Great Barrier.

Call into Coral Bay too its just south of Exmouth and on the Ningaloo Reef. More info here.

Hope it helps mate.
I think you need to email Brett and tell him that you are going to need 3 months:D
You can get a good enough rod here with reel for $20 so l wouldn,t even hassle with putting them on the plane.
You will find Kalbarri to be a wonderful family place.
Enjoy the entire trip
See these links for Species ID & Bag / Size Limits for the Kimberley.

Just south of Broome, stop in at Port Smith. Very popular with fisherman of the Kimberley. Bit boring for kids and Mum's unless you need a break & want to read magazines & lay around doing nothing while the Daddy fishes.

In Broome you can drive to the life saving club, park your car & walk onto Cable Beach to fish. That I know of, you can just drive your car over to the Roebuck Bay Caravan Park & flick a line in there for Barra. Don't be shy to ask the locals.

The Ord River in Kununurra is the place for Barramundi, if you're not going offshore, off Broome. Good fighting fish, but so is a 60lb Silver Cobbler (catfish). If you can, I'd consider the 10 hour drive from Broome to Kununurra. There's so much to see & do - not just fishing. Most highly recommended fishing guide : Ultimate Adventures.

And I agree, next time make it 3 MONTHS, not 3 weeks. July is the busiest month of the year so I hope you will pre-book accommodation where possible. Otherwise, most towns have an 'overflow' area / park with limited facilities.

If you get a chance, try the Ginger Beer and Mango Beer at Matsuri's Brewery and if you get the chance, try some pearl meat. Best seafood on the planet.

Have fun!
Thanks again, all.

I'll found telescopic rods for sale in the post office the other day. There are some very odd things that end up in the shop in post offices.They came with crap reels, but I've got lots of those. If I decide to do any beach fishing, I'll have to borrow something. It's not a fishing trip, but being able to have a fish every now and then would be good.

The three month trip will have to wait till I'm retired. But considering the last time I did that coast was during my 16 day trip around the whole country, spending three weeks there is practically a glacial pace.