need someone to do fence, bathroom, kitchen

Hi, all

My IP needs a new kitchen, bathroom / toilet and backyard paling fence. I wonder if anyone would recommend reliable / reputable tradies / builders who work on the south side of Brisbane.

Thanks in advance.
We have had Mark Hamey 3397 7680 do several timber fences for us over a number of years. Last fence was several years ago, but he was a good fencer and cheaper than other quotes we had.

Our kitchen man has retired :( and we have not had need of a new one yet, so cannot give a name for kitchens.

We do our own bathrooms and have a good plumber, but have found as his business grows that he is getting more and more expensive as his overheads rise. We started with him when he was on his own, but now he has staff and seems to be getting dearer by the day. He is a really nice man, so PM me if you want his number.

We also have a fantastic, knowledgeable, fast working sparky. PM me if you need a sparky.

If you want someone to "do" the whole bathroom job, I'm sure someone else will have a recommendation.
Thanks, wylie, for your kind help.

I went back to our IP today and noted we do need a sparky as well to re-wire the house.

I would appreciate it if you could email me your sparky's contact details.

Thanks again.


(I've PMed you as well)