Neeeighbours...everyboy needs-good-neighbours

....with a little understanding so the story goes:)

Im having trouble with mine the mo(or are they having troubles with me:confused: ...does anyone know the correct manner to address unruly, possibly long staying neighbours?

As an investor you have to deal with not only tenants but also those around. If you have multiple I.Ps i could imagine there being many issues(or not)

any war stories of yore?:)
Whenever we come home and see the neighbours in their front yard I start singing that same tune. Except for me it goes: "Neeeeeighbours, everybody hates the neeeeeighbours!".

I keep thinking one day I'd like to drop a note in the letterbox of my other-side neighbour, expressing my gratitude for them being so quiet. Normally you don't notice until you're subjected to the opposite.
we took over a block of 9 units which one of our major clients bought. Turned out previously it had been home to a huge number of brazilians who enjoyed bongo drum parties in the back common yard (sound like fun... i hear brazillian food is awesome too!) Anyway we requested vacant posession...

in the settlement period we got permission for works and set about doing up the units including the externals. i was there for several hours every day for weeks co-ordinating things for this client... in the process i met all the neighbours... and gave out my card * note massive regret at this move*

we now have continual complaints from neighbours including but not limited too...
a) the common property light shines on my verandah and makes it difficult to sit out there at night
b) i can hear cars driving up the driveway at night
c) the letterboxes are painted cream and it doesn't match my fence
d) could you ask the tenants on the top floors not to use their balconies as we can here them talking
e) we dont like the plants you planted along the driveway
f) the security sensor light on the laundry shines on our garage and would make it easy for robbers to access at night.

death... absolute death.
would it really be cheaper ?

if you buy them out, you end up with 1 more house

trench warfare you may end up with no house at all
Neighbours in my current house are great. One side has a wife with a lovely singing voice and the husband swipes scrap metal junk off my rubbish pile. He asks first.

Neighbour on the other side has been forced to move there by his bank and has squeezed a HUGE amount of junk into the house (including two sheds, 3 cars, caravan and trailer) into a block 11m wide with no driveway or garage. He makes a lot of noise unpacking trailers and fixing his house with power tools. We don't mind, he is quite nice and happy to lend us said tools or help do stuff.

Old house has a loud amateur drug dealer living next door and no other neighbours. I had issues finding tenants. Turns out my tenants are also amateur drug dealers and get on with the existing neighbours just fine and now everyone else is complaining about both of them (but not to me). I think this is good :confused: