Neighbour interfering with new heat pump

Need suggestions please.

Have a situation with a rental property where I have installed a new heatpump.
I suspect its the old man next door sticking a stick into the fan overloading
and cutting out the heatpump.
The old bloke lives in a converted colourbond garage approx 400mm from my fence ,
no windows but I would imagine the walls would be thin.
The heatpump is located next to my tenants bedroom and they have no
problems with the noise but due to the shed being colourbond and the area
between the two building being very narrow you certainly can hear the heatpump.
Their living setup has been like this for years and never had a problem with their arrangements.
I do not have proof its him so not prepared to accuse them, but need to say something very soon.

What to do next???
You could get a camera (real of fake) and make quite a fuss of positioning it pointing at the heat pump. Make sure the old chap sees what you are doing, and maybe even say to him "I think someone is interfering with my heat pump, and I want evidence".

Or.... why not ask him if it is bothering him. If so, is it feasible to move it.

People we know kicked up a HUGE fuss about their neighbours' air-con motor being too noisy. Complaining family had moved their bedroom closer to the air-con motor which was already in situ, so they should have thought about it first, but instead, called the neighbours at 1am one morning asking them to turn it off. (They didn't see any problem with calling the neighbours at 1am :eek:.)

Neighbours told them next morning they would not be turning it off again. Apparently it passed the noise regulations.

These complaining people then installed their own air-con and placed the motor facing the other neighbour, who complained :eek:. Turns out the motor they had exceeded the noise regulations, and was a commercial rated one, so they paid to move it to the other side. They didn't like it there, so moved it again :eek:.

Sometimes karma does indeed bite people on the butt :D.

Could you place a noise buffer in front of it? If the neighbour is interfering, it is just wrong, but perhaps he needs some sleep. Maybe just ask him and see what transpires. That is assuming he is approachable.

Only you know what the old chap is like. Maybe he is just not approachable.

Sorry this is not much help, but if I knew my air-con was bothering the neighbours, I would try to fix it. But I would be very annoyed if they tried to break it rather than approach me first, so I understand your frustration.
My grandparents have one of those, never seen one in action before last weekend, my goodness they are noisy :eek: For some reason I thought they were getting a solar to replace their old hws that blew up.

Noise is still no excuse to interfere with it.
aren't they about $4k? seems like a big investment for a rental.

tricky problem. you may need to move it.

Im told in another 12 months you will no longer be able to install a standard
hot water service to a regular house.
They are expensive but with the rebates on offer from NSW, Feds and Green
energy corp the total cost is $200 only.
You pay the upfront fee and claim the rebates.

If I move it to the other side it will be away from the bathroom and next to
the other neighbours house, where at present its next to a neighbours shed
which is 400mm from the fence who I suspect is living in this illegally.
Again my tenants do not have a problem with the noise next to there bedroom.I suspect its the shed which has limited insulation.