Neighbours of IP causing hell

Hi all

I have a friend who owns a unit in a multistory and the owners above are antisocial and have taken a personal dislike to her because she tried to have something done about their behaviour. The body corporate is soft on managing them.

Since then they have been getting revenge by creating a life of hell for my friend's tenants, forcing her to consider selling. She will not do this because it is on the river and the building has good potential.

Any ideas on the best way to get this problem resolved?

They have driven two lots of tenants out by threatening them. They went to the police but then got scared and left.
If I knew how to settle down neighbours I would have done it years ago.

The usual campaigns in my old town were just calling the police on the offending people as often as possible. Motorbikes, cars and dogs being the issue, the police take them away and the problem is fixed temporarily - behaviour you can't remove in the back of a trailer.

Cat issues are fixed in that town by the application of guns or crossbows, and someone once took a chair to a passing motorbike. Keeps the police busy with the fallout. Problem is, until something is bad enough to actually arrest them for and make a charge stick, nothing happens. These people are all owners, not renters, so very hard to shift.

Myself, I took the option of staying inside, keeping out of it all and ignoring everything and thus getting left nicely alone in peace and quiet, but you've lost that option and you'll end up on the mutual harrassment path.

Maybe tell them how fantastic it would be if they moved out and rented out their unit? :D
Hi all

Any ideas on the best way to get this problem resolved?
They have driven two lots of tenants out by threatening them. They went to the police but then got scared and left.

Similar story for me,I have a holiday house at Bargara Qld,when I first built the house 18 months ago,the people who did the fence and retaining walls said that the neighbors were chasing each other around with a butchers knife:mad:

After speaking with other neighbors, they said it was a frequent thing as drugs were sold and used at the premises.Many a time he said police were there.

Gave my tenants hell,

I got a phone call early this year from my RE who said,I don't want to sound callous but the neighbors house next to yours burnt down last night:confused:

She then burst into laughter.My first question was if anyone was hurt,she said NO.

Apparently it was a drug deal gone wrong and it was torched as revenge.

I believe that the fire was sent from heaven.
There is a new house being built now as we speak.

PRAY,PRAY PRAY for change
You can always rent it to someone much worse than them...

Unit for lease.
Be over 120 kg with lots of tats.
Harley essential, just as early morning rides.
Friends accepted, even overnight.
Foyer and common areas available for social gatherings & birthday parties.
Extended family also welcome.
Discount available based on the suitability of applicant.
My old house has 'bad' neighbours and it put off a lot of people both when it was for sale and while it was up for rent.

The tenants I have in there now apparently are now good mates with the neighbours and absolutely love it there - I was expecting a call pretty fast about how awful it is to live next door to X, but no, it has gone the exact opposite way. I did get a 'anonymous call' about how bad my current tenant is, mind you, so I think they fit right in. Which is a good thing overall, I think. :confused:

So piston broke's suggestion is actually a very good one, as dubious as it sounds.
If the police can't do anything about it how on earth would you expect the body corporate to do something???

I don't know about in WA, but in NSW about the best outcome you can hope for if you lodge an application with the CTTT, after much mucking around, is for a fine of $550 to be imposed for breach of Strata Schemes By-laws. No-one can make them move, or change their behaviour unfortunately, least of all the body corporate.