Netflix..what are you watching??

Bloodline, orphan black, arrested development, orange is the new black, marco polo, jim Jeffries.

Stan has some good stuff too.
Brooklyn Nine Nine for the win. Absolute gold.

We also loving Shameless at the moment. It's excellent.

Love B99 - if you are watching USA Netflix via a VPN, then you can do the same thing for Hulu Plus, (another $8 is per month) but they have seasons 2 & 3 of B99 too.
I'm watching its share price.

Happy days
Got in 18mnths ago

Looks like a good investment.

Beyond The Edge is a great movie. It's about Hilary and Tenzig's ascent. I have massive respect for anyone that goes up there. Walking to base camp is tough enough ( I did a winter trek in 2012/13 ). The earthquake is quite a tragedy. They are such a friendly people.
I've watched half of season 1 of the blacklist so far. Megan Boone looks like my missus so I'm getting a little too emotionally attached to the character haha
I've been binge watching Netflix since I got it free with Optus too :eek:

Orphan black is awesome, but I watched the first two seasons before it was released in Australia - waiting on the 3rd season.

I'm loving the Blacklist and also Orange is the New Black.