Network 21 (Amway)

Hi All

Wanting to know if anyone here is involved in network 21 (Amway) or similar network marketing type businesses. What are your thoughts on them (whether you're involved or not) , what are the pros and cons, how can it work, how can it fail, is it worth the effort ?

Im involved in ACN, I let others talk about the products and I only talk about the business opportunities to people who are 1. open minded and 2 well networked.

anyone else would be wasting their time joining (and mine). It works if you focus and choose your people. Also need to give it time, it does not grow overnight.

I disagree that you should ring everyone you know like some network companies try to push and also go out and do "parties" and push the products (small stuff and a waste of time!).
I've had invitations from two groups of people to get involved with their "business".

One was from my own parents :-(

in both cases I felt conned because I was not informed of the nature of the "business". I knew the amway product just not the marketing.

And I did not feel comfortable treating my friends as marketing opportunities.
hi SmiTTy2008
couple of things
yes I am in both
and the training programm eis the best I have seen
I only recommend to people that I think will work to make there business
for the price its got a couple of things going for it
90 day money back guarantee
and assistance
now alot of people here have sent me lots of emails asking If I would be interested in mentoring them.
but the same would then find it wrong or would have a problem joining somethingliek amway or network 21
I am not sure why
what I tell the peope thaI join with.
if you join with my group( an thats not the same with all groups)
you auto get mentoring
why because I am the up line so you get sudo mentoring to make a business

and I have another question which I ask people that join with me.
first do you understand the system
second do you think you will make moeny out of it and do you understand how you make money out of it
and if the answer to the two above is yes
then you let me know why you would not join
not why would you but why would you not.
I don't recommend people invest in anything but if you do understand what you are investing in then for me its simple
and geoff is in a subway franchise when you join a company and you take any franchise no one says try this you will get 90 days money back on all the burgers or fries and if within the 90 days you don't like it will we refund your money and you can walk away
I would love to see a maccers for instance say come and try one of our franchise stores and if you don't like we will just give you your money back and you lose nothing
add to that
that amway has been around for 50 years and in all that time it is a debt free company not a dollar in debt
with al the global meltdown and issues for companies
amway and network 21 increased its net income and return by 20% last year
not bad for a company people seems to think is a fly by night company
last but not least for people that will say well my uncle aunt brother sister were in amway and they made no money
well if have uncles aunts brothers and sisters that would have shopped at coles but they got nothing but a bill at the check out so does that mean I won't shop there
amway as I told a person last night
is the only business that I know
its cheap to start a business
it does not require you to be able to speak the native language(english)
it has no sex barriers so you will succeed male or female
it has no age barrier
and it has no religion barrier
its debt free and does not require any outgoing product purchasing thou you can buy and hold product if you wish
and it comes with mentoring for free
tell me a franchise or any other business that gives you that.
and as for using your freinds as marketing opportunities
are you telling me taht if your friends came to your store to buy a 6 or 12 inch you would lean over and say sorry we can't serve you as I don't wish to to have my friend as marketing opportunity
that to me is just silly.
that to me is just simpy not understand what it is
its a network marketing and when networking you do inform family and friends
because thats your network no rocket science there
really the system is not rocket science
by all means you can pm me to discuss
but people seem to think its some big issue or what is it.
its very simple

Having been involved in MLM and "traditional" business and having a little of recurring income from both I would say.........

1. "it" doesnt fail or work, YOU do and or your team do
2. As Kyiosaki says, find an MLM with a good training system you relate to, and hang around it, learn the values, and get positive input from positive people.
3. Not everyone will join you, nor be supportive of you, for their own reasons, AND thats ok. You need to be ok with it more than they need to.
4. Seek mentorship from those that have been succesful with what you are trying to achieve, and give those that havent got the runs on the board an analytical ear, and then usually a wide berth
5. If your mindset is more focussed on peoples opinions than the results you can create, you will not find it an easy road.
6. MLM is not a dirty word, nor a pyramid ( in most cases). The most obvious ponzi scheme is Lenders Mortgage Insurance and the most obvious "legal" pyramid is your mid size publically listed company where the CEO makes tens to hundreds of times the income the "lowly" staff make.
7. Choose your "upline" carefully. Can I trust and relate to these people ?
8. If you are going to invest a lot of time and a little money, make sure the companies paying the recurring income will be around for a long time
9. The good thing is these MLM people arent fussy as to who the allow in, the bad thing is these MLM people arent fussy as to who the allow in.
10. Have fun, chill out, life is a great adventure.
11. Except for 2.and 6. these ideas relate to any business that I have ever had come across my table.


What sort of income can you expect to make from Amway?

I Know, I know how long is a piece of string etc. etc.

I'm just wondering about someone how has say 10 reasonable hard working people under them.

The argument for and against a particular motivational system and or product range will continue ad infinitum.

In the same way most SS readers are a little negative of the D&G sites for their own reasons, sucessful people that are involved in various forms of "alternative" business ( ebay, online, MLM, Party plan et al) will have the same views of the negative inputs on that front. Until its personal, it will always be hard to see whats what.

Partially the key for me here is, if I wanted to learn about becoming a decent mortgage broker, Im not going to pay too much attention to the background noise of "how I failed at broking and how bad is that ". While I might do some background work as to why a top performer exited the industry to make sure I dont make the same mistakes, im not going to spend too much time chasing non- performers in that industry for their opinion and feedback.

Its a true fact in all things , not everyone succeeds, and indeed not everyone is suited for this or any type of work or business. However, I believe anyone can benefit from the values and virtues taught by most ventures of this type with a relatively low time and money input.

Caveat Emptor applies though, choose your partners wisely, your "upline" may be your life line, just as in "traditional" business.

For me personally, I don't have the personality to take on something like Amway. I don't know of ANYONE who doesn't roll their eyes when the word Amway is mentioned. This is because EVERYONE has had someone (friend, family, school friend's parent, kindy parent) try to get their foot in the door to "sell" them either the products or the lure of making money from it.

I have one friend who tells me she has replaced her income as an accountant from this company, but when I ask anything, she clams up and will not answer anything other than very vague non-answers. Naturally, I give up and think "something wrong with a company/product that is so hard to find anything about without making a commitment".

I had a kindy mum and dad come around to show me "a fantastic business opportunity". I suspected it was Amway, asked if it was, got a vague answer so let them call around. They sat hubby and I down and started going through the spiel whilst referring to the "book".

Hubby does not suffer fools gladly, and when he asked "what is the company", and even with them at our table, they would not just say "Amway", hubby reached over and turned a few more pages over to get to the point. This absolutely threw the husband who obviously was new to it, and had to follow his book. He had to turn back the pages and go through in order.

If we didn't know these people through kindy, hubby would have been very rude, but he held his tongue until we heard them and then he said "not interested".

If they had just said "Amway" up front, we could have saved them an evening of frustration and wasted time. I just don't understand why it is so hush hush.

For me, if a product is a good product, it shouldn't have to be sold party plan. Even Tupperware is now sold at shopping centres. I don't know ANYONE who doesn't also roll their eyes when Tupperware is mentioned. Not because the product is not good. The product IS good but people don't want to have to go to a party to buy the stuff. Same with Amway, in my opinion.

If I could buy it in Coles, I would. But I cant, so I don't.

Comparing it with Geoff's Subway store is silly. People freely enter a Subway store seeking out their product. Comparing that to Amway just doesn't make any sense to me at all.
Thanks guys for all the input .. So far so good - keen on hearing more people's ideas/thoughts/comments/experiences.

My aim is NOT to criticise nor praise MLM , network marketing, network 21(amway) etc. Rather to understand and learn what makes it work, what doesnt make it work people's success and failures etc. all of which have been discussed very well so far.

I've been approached by 3 different friends over the last ten years and have never found the real value in joining. However I attended one of the meetings recently and it really made me think. To me, it seems like a cheap way to join a potential money making (CF+) opportunity.. and if it doesn't work - well, all honestly i've only lost a small amount of money ($100 or so) and some time (more valuable). Probably not the best attitude to have i know, but i suppose worst case scenario .. thats what it is.
I've been approached by 3 different friends over the last ten years and have never found the real value in joining. However I attended one of the meetings recently and it really made me think. To me, it seems like a cheap way to join a potential money making (CF+) opportunity.. and if it doesn't work - well, all honestly i've only lost a small amount of money ($100 or so) and some time (more valuable). Probably not the best attitude to have i know, but i suppose worst case scenario .. thats what it is.

The other thing you could "lose" is your friends. Seriously, regarding the husband and wife team who tried to get us to join.... when the lady's name comes up in conversation with others who know her, the question is ALWAYS asked..... "I wonder if she will try to sell you some Amway?".

Seeing how people react about this one person, years later (not sure if she is even still doing it) makes me so glad I didn't run with it.
and as for using your freinds as marketing opportunities
are you telling me taht if your friends came to your store to buy a 6 or 12 inch you would lean over and say sorry we can't serve you as I don't wish to to have my friend as marketing opportunity
There's a world of difference between a friend approaching your place of business wanting to buy something, and you pestering everybody whose phone number you ever collected, wanting to tell them about some mysterious business opportunity that you refuse to name until you've wasted hours of somebody's time. :rolleyes:
For me personally, I don't have the personality to take on something like Amway.
Not that you like to brag... ;)
wylie said:
I have one friend who tells me she has replaced her income as an accountant from this company, but when I ask anything, she clams up and will not answer anything other than very vague non-answers. Naturally, I give up and think "something wrong with a company/product that is so hard to find anything about without making a commitment".
if it doesn't work - well, all honestly i've only lost a small amount of money ($100 or so) and some time (more valuable).
The other thing you could "lose" is your friends.
I know a few people whose reputations were destroyed, bank balances substantially reduced, and many of the best years of their lives squandered, trying to make a go of MLM.

Many of these companies entice people to behave in ways towards families and friends - trying to get them into "the business" - that make both parties squirm. The people in the MLM are told by their "uplines" that their squeamishness is a "fear of success" and are strongly encouraged to overcome their discomfort. This is a bad thing! Approaching other people in this manner makes us feel uncomfortable because it's socially unacceptable and will cost you friendships. Unlike fears of flying, or being overly concerned with others' opinions of us, this reticence (to promote business to all our contacts) is behaviour which protects us; it's not a feeling we should be seeking to overcome.

Just as we would feel awkward defacating in public, or telling our boss "nah I don't think I will do that, you tosser", there's a good reason why our instincts are telling us "don't do it".
hi all
couple of things
pestering people and wasting there time well for am and I will only say for me because I don't wish to get thru to the husband and wife because they are not in my line so I don't wish to go down that path
ozperp you have my msn you have my number and I have yours but I have not run amway past you at all now I know you are not saying I have but this is an example
I have not gon ethru everyone in my address book to appear on their door step
nor for that matter have I pestered evryone taht gives me a card
why because I qualify people I understand if someone can get some thing out of either amway or network 21 and for me they are very different section of the comapnies
and as you wanting to sell or ask some oen to go to your place of business is the same its just that one is in a high street and the other is a virtual business
and if you tried to sell burgers just to your family you would never make any money so a burger shop advertises and amway advertises
do you stand out side you front gate and eveytime sa person puts a leaflet in your letter box run upoto thema dn say don't leave that here and by the way stop being my friend
simply no
I may be very different
I don't hide I am in amway and network 21
I have my investors go into amway and network 21
why because it assist you to build a business.
and if I want my people or my groups to succeed they need to be positive eduacated and be business like
and you tell me a system that gives you that for a couple of hundred dollars.
they couple buythe products and dig a big hole and bury them for me but if they get the training thats what I want and if in the mean time they build a bsiness good on them
no the husband and wife team went to wylie house and did not say up front what tehya re doing there
my team tells from the first call and my team are not selling products they are bring in investors, business people and a like to build businesses
and not just amway amway and network 21 is a tool just the same as a car
so every time you hear vehicle that what this is
and if you want to build a group of say 20 investors for your ozperp us project would you not love to have
20 positive, focused,business orientated people to go for that project
for me the answer is yes
so knock amway all you like I am a big boy
I like it and no I don't hide it under a bushel
I get investors from every where and alot have no idea what or where there going now if you think that I should tell them from behind a counter or via amway
I tell then anyhow I can
the answer is very simple
there is no amount
because it depends how big you build and also it depends what you build
now this post is not an advert for amway but I will telll you all the same as the first section of this post and I do it with all the people that join my leg.
and yes I do get people joining on this and this alone
come with me for the 90 days join and have a look see whats involved
see what you can get
and at the end of 90 days if you don't like it
get your money back
to be in my syndicates I find people stay
why because the training is cheap.
I can post amounts a platimum makes and a diamond.
but the reality is that I don't get people to join for that reason.
yes you can build a very big network.
and yes you can make some very serious money
but residual income is not about a single income its about multi residual income and most people have read rich dad poor dad so its not some thing that I need to explain.
but for me to ask that husband and wife to leave and not understand the system or structure and the training being given is a loss and not there loss
I have no idea of people level of understand or tere ability to stand in front of 10 or 200 or 500 or 1000 people or to go to some ones house like that husband and wife but if they have got the training and they have got the ability to do that
then they can stand in board meeting and present a business plan on other business
and even geoff I think would like to have a business minded person work for him that is interested in making the business work.
these recuring income streams and not the meat they can become but they are the filling and a bugers not a burger with just meat.
oh and just for the record I did a presentation on amway on tuesday to 20 people with a white board and no book took questions and answered them all so I don't need a book or secret hand shakes or I am not telling you who or what it is
the reason
thats just as simple as pablo question.
you join my line because I want you to
I spend my time to train you
you join my syndicates because I want you to if you ask and I want you I that syndicate.
and I introduce you to network 21 because I think you can gain from the system.
now why would I waste my time going and doing some thing like wylie has said
its wasting wylie time but its also wasting my time and for my people I say its better to get people qualified first before asking them to join my team
and telling them what it is very important to joining my group/groups
and thats not just amway thats business in general.
as for cold calling etc for me thats fine as long as you have qualified the person before the presentation
sounds like that was not the case with wylie because I don't and so I think nor do my groups have people that do not know what they are there to present but this is a system and it is a mirror system
post any question I am a very small cog in this machine
not sure if even a cog in the size of it
any wording mistake you will need to change yourself as I am doing emails and have to get back to it
hope you all well
hi SmiTTy2008
silverwater and that was not me presenting.
I was there
if you went you would have seen a big group in the corner taking all the chairs about 15 or 20 people near the coffee machine
that was my group
they had four new people and they joined
we are also the noisiest group.
its funny to even have amway guys saying to be quiet.
we are the happy sanguines.
if you do join pm me an I will say hello next time I go
I went this week because I had 4 joining my group
I hope you enjoyed your time.
if you were at my presentation then you can call nick and let him know that you have spoken to me on somersoft
he will probably wonder what that is.
hope you well
and remember the thing to stop you wnating to get to where you wnat to go is simply fear
fear of not doing some thing
fear of getting it wrong
and fear of others saying you are silly for doing some thing

and the way out of fear is to do something about it
do what
now that a very different question.
and if you were at the meeting on tuesday
if you wish to solve a problem you can't use the same process that caused the problem you have to find another way or different process to solve the problem the same is business
simple question
what have you got to lose
and for those that say you will be ringing friends, family,work mates etc
simple answer to that is thats yours and only your choice and when and who you ring is your call.
I can tell you that if you want to do anything and you get 5 people in a room that don't want you to do it
you will walk out with thousands of reasons not to do the thing you want and thats anything
if you want to climb a hill there will always people saying
the hills to high
the grounds to wet,
could be head hunters up there
at the end of the day you and only you need to decide.
I don't have any yes men in my group they give opinions and I give mine
but for me have alost one friend thru amway no
have I lost a family member no
have people told me its not for them yes does that mean that I throw them to the depths of dispair no
if a person I going to lose a friendship because of a business any business thats not a strong friendship
its not a friendship at all its a ship passing
losing friend please
people talk to me about rugby and I hate the game
I would be more disgusted about state of origin then I am about some one talking to me about a business opportunity
I would lose more friends about comm real estate investing if that was the case because I am always talking about what were investing in

because i'm in business
in a few businesses and thats what people talk about.
and if its a family member and its not for you thats fine for me I would encourage peopel to try different businesses and amway has a very good saying and its a cd
what if ??
well if you never see try or take that step you will never know
and as I said before whos lose is it.
for me its the same as someone say gee I wish you told me about karratha 20 years ago I could have bought there
well yes you could had you known.
last but not least
if I could have joined amway 20 years ago would I have
if I had a husband and wife talk to me about it and explained what it is and don't it correctly
the simple answer without any second thought
and I have built and sold many business in time
and had I joined then and got the training then
I would be 10 maybe 20 times the size of business today and that business would be outside of amway as well as in it.
At the risk of upsetting Grossreal (again)...

When I had Amway 'explained' to me it the lady basically drew little circles in the shape of a triangle (some might say a bit like a pyramid).
The fact it was sideways did not change the gist of it.

Personally, I'm not into it. I'm sure it works for lots of people but I would say it's like any of those 'plans'. If you are the type of person to make it work, you will make any sales type job/plan/scheme work.
My hubby did Network 21 for a year or so, and together we were in GNLD, vitamin MLM for several years.
My feedback is that it was a lot of work for very little reward. We bought the products, signed people up, held meetings etc etc, and maybe got a cheque for $80 at the end of the month. We were probably spending 10 -15 hours a week on developing the business, on top of working full time, but got very little to show for it in return.
GNLD was easier than N21, because there was actually a product to sell, and people weren't immediately on guard.
Because in both of them, you need to also buy products in order to get the small rewards cheque, you are generally spending more money than you actually make.
So, you pay to sign up, pay to buy products, pay to put on meetings, and someone ahead of you in the chain gets the benefit of your work!!
I know it works for some people, but personally I would prefer to spend my time doing something which gives a really strong return.

hi Casserole Dish
I can just let you know I don't get upset
investing in anything is personal choice
and you get out what you put in there is no free lunch.
and mine are lines straight down not triangles or pyrimids
but on the point of a pyramid
people do say that it is a pyramid
but a pyramid is designed to run and then fall over or take in money and give no moeny back and the pyramid falls down
well lts just look at a few facts
1 its turn over is more then 17 billion last year
2 it has no debt not a dollar
3 it has never missed a payment on its income returns
4 its been going for 50 years
5 its into nearly every country and is into ever continent on the planet
6 your businss goes with you if you move
7 it gives a money back guarantee of anything you buy
9 the people above mentor you to build a business so you succeed
now if thats upsetting well thats facts
and is that a pyramid scheme
I think if some post coles and woolworth baance sheet and maybe amway will be around for hell of lot longer then most other companies
oh and I forgot the last one
you can order here in sydney
and you can deliver anywhere in the world in 2 days or money back guarantee try that at coles
go to your coles and ask to dliver in 2 days and split the order so half to london and the other have to cleveland ohio and look at the look on there face and in 2 days.
I am not here to say amway is for everyone
but what I would say is that any business opportunity that comes your way if you blindly dismiss it its your loss not mine nor anyone elses.
you will make any sales type job/plan/scheme work.
just to clear up here this is not a job this is part time networking you stay in your job or stay at what you do in my case
nor is it to me a scheme this is simple networking in it raw state yes you can get an income to replace your job but you still need to do some thing the difference for recuring incomes is that if gives you a choice
if I said that I could buy 10 mil comm property get a 10% income 1 mil and had a loan of 5% 500k
that would give me a recuring income on that property of 500k now if I said you could buy that for 10k you would say yes give it to me me me
not don't tell me about that
its not for me
I don't understand it
don't tell my friends I will lose friend etc
because you understand it
but that 500k is a recuring income and I thought alot here had read rich dad poor dad and understood these principles
if you understand recuring income if you get into amway or not is really not the point the point to me is the reasons people don't want not to get into amway but even understadn what it is
if I posted the 10 mil property I would have heaps wanting to meet up for that one not only that they would ask less questions then if I said it was amway
yet the principals are the same
and to me its simply a no brainer.
people on this board are always saying how can I buy into this or that and how can I buy before the next boom
why to make money and ride the equity rollercoaster.
but the simple answer in richman poor man and a few others is you can't do that working 9 to 5 in a job
you need to move over to business or investor
now you understand investor or investing but you from most of the post have no idea about amway and network 21 except you kicked out a few people that have tried to explain it to you.
people will pay 1200 dollars to go and try to understand his ideas and when some one bring it to your door you kick them out or hang up before even trying to understand.
not only that you are talking about one of the most successfull business in the market at the moment I think its number one in volume
you say you want to find out where the next boom is or where to buy yet you say you cant or don't wish to understand network marketing well networking is the best way to find information out
if I want to find out about an area what do I do I go to my network and ask.
will you upset me
yes and no
yes because we have been brought up in a world were we don't wish to try look and see something different to what we currently are doing and then when things go wrong we are quick to say its the problem of this or that
amway say no re think re look get positive and retry
the formula for success is quite simple double your rate of failure (founder of ibm)
we are not doubling our rate of failure why we are not starting in the first place.
even the chinese say the characture of a man is not how many times he falls but how many times he gets up.
so I don't like things where people just dont even try because its there loss not mine does that upset me yes because any loss is upsetting.
but as for the no
well I am an investor and a few other things and one of those is a duck and most things thrown at me run off like water
I have no boss so the buck land with me.
A board is not the b all and end all of what I do nor for that matter does it generate any income
I don't have business card
because I don't sell
I don't have a web site because I don't need to advertise.
I am you ring me not I chase you.
so if you look at my profile and amways I suppose we are very similar
I would say my time is in demand at the moment.
and as the economy goes the way its going mlm will become more popular as people cost cut
I don't ask people to invest nor for certain reason can I ask to invest in projects or businesses.
I would just like you to think that when some one tells or asks you to invest time or thoughts into any business you take taht time
it could be that 10 mil property or that 500k income but because you don't understand you just dismiss it and that is a loss
again not for me but for you.
oh and I have posted three post on this post so will have to add the disclimer soon ie you know the pack drill I this is no form of advertising etc 2/20 rule etc
any mistake edit your self cut and paste at will
I allow plagurism as long as you learn
I still find it interesting that people associated with these types of businesses still never really tell you anything unless they have you in your house etc and do the whole spiel. Reading this whole thread, you still don't really know much about what Amway does, other than it's been there for 50yrs, is debt free, is going strong, has xx million customers around the world etc.

The closest I've come was my nephew showing me a bit about it when he was excited after attending a couple of meetings. Showed me their members website of products ie. everyday consumer items like toothpaste, soft drinks etc which he said were cheaper than the supermarkets.

I'm sure there's more to it, but for me - that part of the business seems like a lot of effort to talk to people about and get going as a business just to earn some comission off the groceries of the people you bring into the system. For me, not worth it - I go to my local supermarket and buy what I need, it's not the sort of thing I plan ahead and buy online to save $10.

But I guess that's the point of the business - if a person just tells you openly what the business is and how you can benefit, you might not necessarily join up through them directly and they won't get your commission - which is why it all has to be kept hush hush.

Anyway, just the random thoughts of an outsider, no offence intended.