Network groups around Newcastle, NSW

Hello, We are property investors in the UK, and out here in Newcastle. We are very interested to know if anyone knows of any Property Networking groups in Newcastle or on the Central Coast. If there is nothing local we would be happy to travel to Sydney. Any information would be greatly appreciated - look forward to meeting some of you guys!!
Hi Aussie,

I usually organise a Central Coast Meeting every 6 weeks or so but due to the Christmas rush and workload have not organised it for a few months.

I'm off camping for a few weeks shortly but will probably organise one early Feb once I get back into the swing of things.

I'll keep you posted.:)

Regards JO
hey simon ... long time no see ... welcome back!

Thanks Lizzie and thanks to everyone else who has been in touch.

Has been a funny two years for me but I look forward to getting back into it here with my old friends and maybe some new ones :)

So you back in town too?
yep - but been flat out for the last 8 months ... house on the hill was rented out when we got back, so bought another reno job in merewether, on the flats. hope to move back up the hill by october next year.

not sure whether to sell or rent out reno job - really too expensive for a rental once finished but would make a tidy sale profit.

you looking for a new ppor? great news! must catch up properly
Investors in the UK

Hi Aussie in the UK & everyone,

I am based in Sydney, but am interested to meet up with investors with properties in the UK and in Australia. Do you know of forum groups which focus on UK investment?

forums and networking

Hello Cath and everyone!!
We regularly attend networking events in the UK – there are several held each month within an hours drive from our home, ranging from an informal get-together in a pub with around a dozen people, too larger more structured events of around 100 people in a conference room with a guest speaker from a related profession- say finance, mortgage broking, insurance, planning or tenant legislation.
The events give you a chance to learn from an expert, and network freely with likeminded people.
The cost of attending these events is nothing if meeting in a bar – just the cost of your drink! To no more than than $20 for the larger events - and most of that money goes towards the cost of the venue. Most of the speakers give their time freely, because of the potential business they may pick up from people they meet.
We are not big online forum users, but many of our UK friends and colleagues talk highly of a forum called singing pig – – might be worth having a look on that.
Meanwhile, we still hold out hope that somewhere out there is a similar type of networking event available here in NSW.
Best regards,
Thanks Adrian. It is an excellent website. If there aren't any meetings in Sydney, maybe I can attend one in the UK when I return in April/ May for a visit this year.