Networth Planning Corporation

From: Owen .

Anyone heard of these guys? I did a search and there have been no postings about them.

They seem to be a financial advise group offering consultations about investing for the future. The thing that interested me was on the phone they talked about "indexed investment loans that are effectively as low as 3.5%". Anyone heard of this?

I'm meeting with them next week out of curiosity but don't want to waste my time if they are just going to sell me a negatively gearing strategy or a managed fund or something like that.
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From: Andrew _

Hi Owen,

I met with them earlier this year - their pitch over the phone was very convincing so I gave them a chance!
They wanted to restructure any loans I had (for a fee of course!) and sell their -ve geared property developments. It was a very short meeting and I can't remember anything about the 'indexed investment loans'.

Hope this helps
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