New features I like

For those (like myself) who may not be familiar with this style of forum, one of the really nice features is that the latest reply goes to the top of the list. The post might have been made 3 weeks back, but the "reply" puts it right back on the radar screen.

That's NICE !!!

That same feature brings a few "whathehell" exclamations too, though... as the order of posts can change on a minute by minute basis (this threw me for a day or two, until someone put me onto what was happening).

But, from my perspective ( as a relative dinosaur ;) it was pretty easy to learn how to "get around". With the new features (I won't list them all) and the fact that THIS style of forum is not affected by load like the old one was, this could be our home for many years (at least 2???)

I've heard that the Coffee Lounge is the place to "TRY OUT" the features of this new forum - they have a cleaner come by every day or so to put the place back in order, too. And the Cappucinos are great.

WHAT features do YOU like?
Hi Les.

As you can see, I've moved your post to the "Help and Feedback" forum, which is where posts about forum and software features should go. We'd like to keep the main property forum topics just about property.

Have fun and keep posting !