new gas/foam that dissolves tree roots?

the house is looking great - professional photos taken on friday for internet listing early next week ... only problem ...

whenever we get a downpour for 2-3 days we end up with a lake in the middle of the driveway, that doesn't look very attractive when looking to sell.

we had the drainage guy out last week who peered up the stornwater drain with his camera light and it appears we have a severe root blockage, left over from when we had the 5 large gums in the backyard (which are now removed and there are no other trees in the vicinity).

he advised that he cannot drill or blast thru the roots due to them blocking a clay pipe. hubby had a dig in the yard to try and get to them but there is a large panel covering the pipe around 500mm below ground level.

chatting on the weekend to a rele from canberra and she advised that they have a big root/pipe problem in the area and drainage guys are now using a new gas/foam product that they pump into the pipes and it dissolves the roots. she couldn't remember the name, but it sounds exactly what we are after.

is there anyone from canberra that could give me the name of the product so that i can try and find someone in newcastle who uses it (or at least tell my drainage guy to get his hands on some pronto).

The foam is intended for live and growing roots and effectively acts as a poison that deters the root growth.

Don't think that will help in the situation where the roots are dead and woody.

We had the same problem recently with a stormwater pipe and we just relayed a pipe, but shallower.

after googling last night - i realised that perhaps that was the product she was thinking of but got the process wrong. it doesn't dissolve the roots but inhibits them in the first place.

might be a dig up job. damn - the lawn is looking so lush.