New house inspection - defects

heya all,

This is my first post in this form. Please be gentle :p

I'm building a new house and it's almost done. I just had a preliminary completion inspection but I'm not satisfied with the inspector comments where some defects fall into category "tolerance", which mean that he will not fix it.

One of the defects is the floor in one of the bedroom that is not levelled. It is due to the plumbing work that they did (pipe installation) and the hole (approx 15x15cm) was not patched properly. it's about more than 1cm depth. The other thing is that the room is already carpeted and you can feel the hole when you step on it. I want it to be fixed.

Is there any independent company or government department that can help me with this issue ? and also any qualified property inspector that can help me to check for other defects throughout the whole house?

Thanks guys.
Try Archicentre. They are usually retired architects and should know whats really within limits. This sounds like a defect to me and should be fixed.