New House - Melton Estate

Hi all,

Just wanted to get your opinions on a new house I am building down in the Botanica Springs estate at Melton/Brookfield.

It is costing me around $310,000 after the land purchase ($121,500) and then the build (with everything included, full turn-key package).

I have noticed that when a house comes onto market for rent in this estate, it appears to be snapped up immediately - I cannot see any rental properties currently available in the Botanica Springs estate, and the ones I have seen that have been rented out as of recent, rented for around the $300-$320 per week mark.

The house I am building is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double garage.

What do you all think?
What do you all think?

Good for you and congratulations! :)

(But seriosuly, what were you going to do if someone posts here saying the exact opposite - isn't it a bit late to be asking? If the deal is done - it's done. Enjoy the ride - rough or smooth.


The Y-man
Just wondering if there is anything I should know about new estates, perhaps anything specific about Botanica Springs?

Also: Any good Agents for Property Management?