New kitchen benchtop using mosaic tiles?

Hi there,

I intend to get into renovating an IP as of Monday, but had the dilema of whether to replace the kitchen benchtop with a new benchtop from a carpenter? OR just replace the benchtop with chipboard, covered with a cement sheet (glued on) THEN using adhesive tile the benchtop with either small wall tiles OR mosaic tiles... If I were to tile the benchtop, I'd coat the grout with the grout protective coating to reduce the amount of stains it would gather over time (note: the edging would be using some form of hardwood timer in either square OR double bull nose, not decided yet)....

What are you thoughts on a tiled benchtop over the typical laminex rolled top (OR 3rd option, just installing the chipboard & me just applying laminex over it & use timber edging, saving on carpenter costs compared to a roll top that I couldn't do on my own as I'd have to get it pre-made)?

Note: the rest of the kichen would be painted & repaired to look good & change of handles & new appliances...



I'd recommend a proper benchtop. A makeshift one is unlikely to look as good & not wear as well.

Try contacting some flat-pack kitchen places & haunting the auction houses. You may well find a bargain.


Manny, Could be a good look if you used the right coloured tiles - they did a brightly coloured tiled mosaic splashback on (I think)'Auction Squad' the other week which looked awesome, but I reckon that even with grout protector, a tiled kitchen benchtop may be somewhat unhygenic....

(Obessive compulsive :eek: )
Howdy all,

firstly thank you for you responses... I think you have (along with my wife) helped me make the right choice & decided to go for a proper benchtop (laminex rolled top)... I'm hoping to take b4 & after photos & will post them as soon as I have them...