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I am looking for options to install a new kitchen in an IP (1x1 in old 1960 building). I was looking at Bunnings at below $1k for a linear 2.5m, but it does not give a lot of room/appeal. Was more on a L shape 2.5m X 2m or a complete U shape. Do you think I can find those for below $3k budget installed in Perth. Where should I look? IKEA? Bunnings? Gumtree? Other options?

Thank you!
Bunnings, Masters, Ikea, Gumtree.

You should be able to get them for under 3K but it depends if you after lots of cabinets as well.

Are you buying new appliances?

Get some free quotes from carpenters as they can supply and install kitchens sometimes for the same prices as flat pack kitchens you install yourself.

I've been looking on Gumtree for a few months and quite a few kitchens people get rid of that are only a few years old is crazy. Also so cheap!
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We recently renovated a kitchen in a 2 bedroom unit in Brisbane and with all the other reno work that needed doing, we only had just under $6,000 left to spend (incl appliances).

As you can see from the photos, it was a pretty dodgy kitchen to begin with!

The new cabinetry cost $2400 + installation (2400mm long bench/over-cupboards + a separate pantry not shown in the pic), tiling was $250 and appliances (dishwasher, oven and cook-top, incl installation) were $2200.

We bought the kitchen from Bunnings purely because they could deliver in 7 days.



(The jut out at the end is because there were pipes etc in the wall that couldn't be relocated - and the cook-top couldn't go anywhere else once we added the dishwasher and sink).

When selecting your kitchen, just make sure it is appropriate for an investment property ie - go for laminate doors and top (not 2-pac, even if you can buy it cheap). Or even vinyl wrap which Bunnings do a 10 year guarantee on. I am not promoting Bunnings over anyone else at all - they just happen to be who we used for this cheap kitchen.

The way to 'trick up' an otherwise boring kitchen is to use a nice splash-back and handles. And also make sure it is put together well (tight joins etc).

So in answer to your question, yes you possibly could replace your kitchen for $3,000 if you are installing yourself and you are not including all new appliances.

Hope that helps!
Our son put in an L-shape Ikea kitchen for about $2K plus splash back (tiles) and sink etc. It looks fantastic (cannot load a photo for some reason). It is plain gloss white and dark timber laminated timber bench top.
this one came in at $2900
included everything in the pic (the kitchen plus oven, sink, taps, cooktop, rangehood, mixer)

plumb and elec came to $860 in total

my assy and install was $1100
splashback tiling was $160 plus $80 in materials (tiles,grout, glue)

rangehood fitted recirculating with carbon filters

soft close (full bearing runners) drawers and soft close hinges

hope this helps with some figures

(bunnings flatpacks used and took 2 days/16.5 hrs to complete less all the calls answered )

cheers Eden