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From: GJC -

Hi, Next Question;
I don't want to hog the forum but I have a second issue I'm chasing at present.....

Could someone give me a list of "Landlord Insurance" providers, please???? (I've only got normal insurance at present on my 2 IP's & want to switch to Landlord insurance ASAP.
(I've been reading the past discussions on this topic with interest, too.)

I'm aware of;
Elders, CGU and Royal/Sun Alliance.
but there's no doubt some others and any recommendations as to who has the best value for money covers etc.

Thanks Garry
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From: Paul Zagoridis

Try a broker. One I'm using for my other insurance needs is Greater National Group. Rob Sinclair has given me some good quotes and they provide premium comparisons (but no official "advice").

The web interface will get you a quote in about 24 hours.

Please don't abuse the ease of info. If you use the site and get competitive quotes, then place the business with GNG. A lot of comparison sites no longer exist because people would use them for info gathering, then place the business directly with the winning company. Wouldn't save them anything, but the broker missed out on the commission and couldn't fund the internet service anymore.

PS I am not affiliated with GNG in any way. Rob probably doesn't know who I am if you mentioned my name. Then again maybe he would, not that many of us in the world.


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