"New Post" markers


I came into the forum today- and found about six forums which had the yellow "unread" markers. fair enough.

I went into one forum, answered a post, and then went into the main forum again.

All forums were now marked as grey.

That's the second time that has happened today. It makes it very hard to keep track of posts.

This has't happened before.

Has anyone else experienced the same? Or is it just me?
Dear Geoff,

Haven't found this happen to me. However in Korea if my computer crashed or the connection was lost it meant that if I had used "Show new threads" then I lost my place with the new threads.

If this happens then it's back to searching through each of the sections based on date.

Wouldn't worry at the moment Geoff unless it happens to you again.



It happened twice yesterday (many hours apart) but not at all today.

Maybe Sim's snuck in and fixed it?
Hmmmm............... Then a question for Sim.

Different sort of problem I have also found to be aware of, is not to visit the forum in another window at the same time (having two different sessions open) this will remove the "new threads" that you have not read yet in the first session.


I actually do this all the time - when I search for new posts and such, I open the threads I want to read in a new window... means I don't have to keep going back and searching again.

Works for me - I think there are some browser settings which may cause the problem you see.
In this forum, I only ever open it in one browser. I do swap windows between browing this forum and other internet browsing.

Tonight, I came into the forum several hours after my last post. 5 or 6 forums had yellow icons. I entered one forum, and went out, without even posting- they were all grey.

I'm on IE6- I'm on the forum on Win 98, Win NT and Win 2000 machines. I don't think it's ever happened on the Win NT machine. Tonight I'm on the Win 98 machine. I'll try to keep note from now from which machine it's happening.

Sim', do hav e a setting,"Hey, it's GeoffW. Let's stuff up the flags"?:D

It would appear other users don't have the same problems.
Hi Geoff,
Don't worry - it's not just you!
I've had exactly the same experience with this forum over the past few days!
It feels so primitive to have to read the forum by date posted rather than little yellow envelopes.
Hope the clever IT guys can fix it.
I'm still experiencing this problem whether I access the forum via "Today's active threads" or via the "Property Investors Forum" page.
Are we any closer to a solution?
Well to throw a spanner in the works I have the opposite thing. I just thought it was normal. Now you all have me thinking. When I go into a thread and then out of them they are still marked with the yellow envelope indicating unread posts. Any ideas on that one.

Donna :confused:
Donna, yours is easy - that IS normal. There is no "automatically mark read" once you have read the post.

The only way posts are marked read is time based - after you have been idle for more than 30 mins - or if you click on the "mark the forum read" or the " mark all forums read" links.