new proposed land tax



From: Fernando Loprete

What are peoples opinion's on the proposed new land tax, and exactly how will it affect us as property investors.
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From: Anonymous

....and what are the proposed changes?
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From: Jude H

Have just been discussing in the chat room. Am ringing a few people. Will post here with what I find out

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From: Jude H

Have rung John Brumby's office. Article in Herald Sun is sensationalism. It reads as though it will be implemented this May.

The Bracks government commissioned Harvey to look at state taxation. In his report, he recommended this tax as a way of increasing state funding...The report, once completed, is considered by the Government as to what, if any of it they will use. IF the land tax was to be implemented as reported this morning, it is a long way off as it has to go through the various committees and boards etc to become legislation. Person I spoke to said that she had received many, many calls about the article. She is advising everyone to email or send letter to Brumby to make him aware of sentiment.

My email has already been sent. Contacts are

John Brumby
Electorate Office
Phone 9300 3851
Fax 9300 3915

Ministerial Office
9651 6255

Strongly suggest that our beloved treasurer be inundated with our thoughts.

Harvey report can be viewed at:\treasury\treasury.html

Relax everyone, Jude's crystal ball says all will be fine. :)

Sleep well tonight.

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From: Sim' Hampel

Well done Jude, your common sense approach has surely saved many people lots of heartache and stress. It's really good to see people find out the facts rather than getting hysterical about what they read in the media. We could all learn something from this.

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From: Jude H

that Jude is not blonde?

(humble apologies to those who are)
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From: Ruby .

Thanks Jude,

I've sent off my email.

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From: Jack Moro

Thanks for the research Jude we appreciate it,

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From: Apprentice Millionaire

Well done, Jude.

I sent my email to Brumby. I urge all other Victorians on this forum to do the same.

Apprentice Millionaire
(aka Jacques in the old forum)
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