New Renovation Workshops in Sydney and Melbourne



From: G D

Forgive me for using the Somers forum for this...
but so many people have asked...

"when we will do a renovation workshop in Sydney and Melbourne?"

Well here it is...

We have had so many people fly in from NSW... lots...Vic...lots... SA a few... WA (one) NT (also one)& Nth Qld ...

hey no-one from tassie!..

that we are now on the road...

Its taken a lot of organisation but we are doing just one day in Sydney 8am-5pm Sun 3rd June

and only one day in Melb...8am-5pm Sun 24th June. (sorry TW ...clash with the BBQ)

Morning a'noon tea & lunch included + 100 page renovation case study workbook plus ...

Paul Eslick's "Investors Guide to quick & easy Renonvations

It will be a relatively a small group compared to the seminars I've paid $1500 to go to...50-100 max and totally interactive..

we will also have investors from both states telling their stories...

by the is not just limited to renovations...we also cover also small sub-divisions and developments too!!

we have just added $150,000-$$200,000 to a property during the contract period for a $2000 cost ...we tell you was easy!

I used Pauls renovation methods and have added over $200,000+ in capital gains in the last few years and also great increases in cash flow... with up to 25% rent increases in 2 weeks...

I used to think there was no money in renovation until I met Paul at one of my seminars...

he had bought 6 properties in 11 months!!...all cash positive....

now I know how...

he has added 50-60% capital gain in 4-6 weeks ...instant equity he calls works for me... I have done it a number of $121k to 195k 4 weeks + 10% rent return!

a 25% increase in rent to the "cookie store" flats in 2 a 12.7 % return!!

One day only in Syd and Melb ...

mind you... you are welcome to fly to Bris on the discount flights too... there is just one more workshop in Bris on Sun 13th May

Book early...all previous reno workshops have booked out we are only doing 1 day in each state and there are "early bird" and multiple booking discounts...

If you want more info
fax (07) 3262 4054

its a great day...successful investors talking to b.s.

Geoff Doidge
"capital gain is easy and property is fun"
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From: Apprentice Millionaire

Anyone in Melbourne willing to team up with me so that we can take advantage of a group booking price?

Apprentice Millionaire
(aka Jacques in the old forum)
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From: Anonymous

>hey no-one from tassie!..

That's cause they're waiting for you to offer a family ticket so they can all come :)
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