New Security Door - Depreciable or not?


Probably been asked before and I think I know the answer just wanted a check

Tenant has asked for a security door on the front of the house. We think its ok to have, but wanted a quick answer on depreciation. We have a schedule in place for the house, but as this is a new item is it classed at 100% (or is a maintenance item) or is it at some other rate?

Assume the accountant can do or does it need to back to my depreciation company - i used Depreciator.

The door cost is about $1000 installed

Sadly, a security door is regarded as 'building' i.e. 2.5%. So that's $25 per year coming back. But looking on the bright side, it will keep coming for 40 years.
Thought so thanks guys

Do you need to "re-do" the schedule if its just this one improvement, once we decide to go ahead?


If it's one of our Schedules, we amend them free of charge usually. I don't think other companies do this. Or just tell your accountant what you did, what it cost, and when you did it.