New Supermarket Chain - Whats the name of it

Saw it on TV a few weeks ago, it's in Victoria somewhere already, and they sell items that are ready to expire etc - 50%80% off.

And then they're gonna roll out all over the country.

I've been googling for ages, and cannot find the name of it.

Can anybody remember the name please.

No it's NQR, saw a news article about it, and then a preview yesterday for it. Either Current Affair or Today Tonight. Saying that it's gonna go nationwide after trialling it in Victoria, and they were saying that a pensioner could do all their groceries for $25.00 a week! Which is pretty cheap, but wondering if they were telling porkies.

Anyone shopped at NQR?
No, but I buy marked down meat and bread from Woolies, and cheapies from Go Lo (daughter works there, so she always tells me when they have good deals) and a local wholesaler that sells to the public.:D

I ONLY buy meat when on a BIG special (none of the piddly 50c off specials).
or I go to BI-Lo on a Sunday around 9.30 am as that is when they discount their meat, then I take home and freeze it straight away. Got to be a decent discount though, sometimes I get it close to 40% off. I haven't paid full price for meat for years.

God I sound cheap!