New to AU look for Work / JV opportunties

Hi All

I have recently moved from NZ to Brisbane. I am very interested in property investment and have some parallel skills, including a trade certificate in building (currently applying to BSA for licence Builders Open), a masters in management and own my own home in NZ (well the bank owns most of it).

As I am new here with a partner who is working but I would really like to find an opportunity to push ahead in area of property investment by working in the field.

Career paths might include:

Renovating for property investors
Working for an investment company
Analysing investment deals for a company

I guess I am asking anyone out there if they might know of something going or is interested in knowing a bit more in perhaps some sort of JV scenerio.

I plan to attend the next meeting and network with as many people as possible to see if anyone has any bright ideas.

Not sure if this is the right thread / forum for this type of enquiry...appologies in advance if wrong.

Thanks everyone