New to Perth new to somersoft

Hello everyone. My first post here. I'm fairly new to Perth from the US and am currently renting.

I'm looking to buy a PPOR as an IP and there seems to be so many options, information out there I don't know where to start.

I suppose one of the classic ideas is to buy a property that needs fixing up in a decent suburb and do the work and flip it later.

The other classic idea is buying mostly for the property and build a couple villas on it while living in the old existing house.

How much does it cost to build say 2 175m2 villas in Perth? Single story cost per m2?

I'm busy reading all the threads as well as researching the areas I'm interested in buying but could use some tips from those of you who have been there and done that.

Any software or calculators you have find useful?

Any way to get a subscription to sales records like rpdata? The per report cost is pretty steep.

How much profit would you have to make on a fix n flip to make it worth your while?


Ms P

so many questions!

rp data is about $200 per month. They just hiked their rates quite a bit. I am looking for someone to share my costs if you are interested.. probably a 1/3 share.

175sqm villa is big. villas cost a lot more than typical houses. I recently built some that were about 110sqm and including all the add ons they were about $200k each. you can get cheaper

there are so many options for you. maybe just go buy a dumpy flat in cottesloe and renovate it. or a quad site inmidland and retain the house. or steal a block in mandurah and throw a 4x2 hosue on it ($200k all in)... or just negotiate hard on an existing spec home. or by one of those blocks in geraldton that the developer is flogging off for half price - it has to come good with all the stuff going on up there
Thanks for the helpful replies. The quad option sounds interesting as does fixed up a dumpy flat somewhere.

Aaron, when is a good time to call.


Ms P