New Year's Eve has a victim

A friend of my family has recently migrated to Australia. He has been working and saving hard to bring his fiance over. She finally got her visa, and flew into Sydney at 9AM on January first.

Our friend went up to Sydney (from Canberra) on NYE to watch the fireworks and to meet her at the airport. He went with friends, and stayed at Hornsby- a long way to the airport.

He had a most enjoyable NYE- especially as he was speaking his own language again after three months of speaking English most of the time. Perhaps a drink or three was consumed.

He arrived home at 8AM, ready just to have a shower and to get on the train.

He did not make it past the bed.

Fiance rang us from the airport- she had arrived, and not only was he nowhere- he could not answer the phone. Nobody in the house could be raised- they had arrived home not much earlier.

She hardly spoke any English.

We eventually found somebody who could travel (by train from Hornsby) to meet her.

It was some hours before he was awake enough to answer his phone.

He has now been reunited. But he has a LOT of making up to do now.
I feel for her,
ladylove told me how she worried when she got of the plane the first time at Tulla
my regards,
happydance:: I made it to the airport on time :
: end dance
Even I know better than to do that to a girlfriend.

I think this one is going to cost him.

Although it may be a clever move - testing her sense of humour now before he is stuck with a cranky wife like I was for so long :)
ah - they will laugh about it in years to come ... but crikey - he has a lot of brownie points to make up.

do you blokes realise that for every bad thing you do, you have to do 100 good things to make up for it!?

and you do have to laugh as a couple. junior loves to sword play with a wooden sword her dad made her. she often "holds him up" and demands "your money or your life." to which he replies "or my wife? take her!!" very funny! :D