New Zealand Property Investing Site is New Zealands premiere Landlord and Property Investment site.

We have the all the information you need to be a sucessful landlord: Aticles, books, forums and legislation relating to Rental Property Investment.

Your feedback is welcome, and any suggestions greatly appreciated.


NB. I am aware this could be construed as a commercial post.

The site is run by individuals interested in learning and sharing information about property. If this contravenes the rules for the forum please let us know. :)

site looks great!!

may I ask why your survey doesn't have '0' as an option?? :)

A question for you, out of interest.

who owns/runs the site? I was just wondering.


asy :D

Oops :eek:

Oversight on the 0 option.. it exists now

As to who runs the site, I ( Craig ) am the webmaster/owner.
Its a part time passion - it doesnt pay its or my bills.

Im 22, recently debt free and researching my options in relation to property investment ( as well as other areas)

Content/articles can be submitted by anyone. And the direction of the site will be influenced by what members want to see.

Why did I set up a property investment site, when I have no experience?

1: Because theres no other "independant" NZ website for PI
2: I want to share what resources/information I come across
3: I have found 'niche interest' sites where users can interact to be an immeasurable resource.
4: I have the required technical skills - and will learn the rest :p
Well done!

I hope the site takes off, but don't forget, Kiwis are always welcome on this forum too!!

There are a few of our members who invest in NZ, and vice versa.

good luck

asy :D
Hi all,
The site is great!

I have linked up with a couple of kiwi's through the site who are buying in my target area. The site always provides great information regarding IP in NZ.

Craig is great as well! GO KIWI!!

Marc (Kiwi)
Wanting to Purchase Rental Property

Looking to invest in NZ property. Do you have tips??
About $200-$270 NZ dollars. Prefer somewhere in Auckland
G'day mate
Im 27 and Im interested in the Auckland market, particularily entry level (100k to 150k) houses. I know Auckland very well (expat) and I have sort of a vested interest in maybe aquiring a few gems there. Thanks for giving the addresses to the relevant sites.
Build wealth thru property!!