"Newcastle,Gosford (stay away from video ezy)"

From: Robert Paul

Hi everyone,
Does anyone out there have any investment properties in Newcastle or Gosford.
If so, how do they compare with the major cities in terms of value,capital growth and roi%
Are rental vacancies higher there than in say Sydney for example.
any comments welcome.

I hope just co-incidental.
I have had a good tenant FOR A YEAR in a unit on Sydney,s northern beaches,always pays rent on time,keeps the unit spotless,I realize the value of the tenant so I bought him some video ezy vouchers,just to say thanks.
Within 24hrs of receiving them he notified the agent he was moving out.This happened 2yrs ago exactly same scenarioo,except female tenant.
Should I let sleeping dogs lie,(eg no gifts)or has video ezy,s range of rentals become that insulting to our intelligence that free vouchers are offensive!!!!

Rob Paul

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From: Simon .


I have been living in Newcastle since Feb and bought a home in April. Vacancy rates are low. Esp if you can time your leases to fit in with the uni year. On our arrival in Feb everything had been taken by students and we spent 3 weeks looking and ended up with an overpriced dump - more motivation to buy as it turned out.

Anyway we bought in April and settled in late June. We paid $305K and several agent friends have told me that we could market the home for $360K and easily get $350K today. This seems indicative of recent growth across the city.

Cheapest places are around the $140K to $160K although if you head out of town you can get homes for under $100K.

Newcastle is no longer a grubby working class town dominated by BHP and the associated smog. Since BHP closed the surrounding suburbs Maryville and Tighes hill have experienced phenonomal growth. Most suburbs are ten min away from very nice beaches plus we have the hunter Valley and Sydney within an easy drive.

If I can help anymore please call or email me direct - or post the questions here.

Simon Macks
Mortgage Hunter
0425 228985
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From: Lotana Von Amor

I had a very similar experience with my tenants in Sydney. Very neat family, they rented the place for 2.5 years, had 2 rent increases without a complaint. They had a 3 yo child. When I've learned from the managing agent that the child got ill and had to go to the hospital for treatment I paid them a visit and gave child a teddy bear. They sent termination notice within a week. Do we have a psychologist who can explain this phenomenon?

Say cheese,

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From: Robert Paul

Thanks Simon I will do some more homework and will keep in touch.

rob billydog paul.
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From: Owen .


I think you will find that it is just luck of the draw with tenants.

If you were renting somewhere and had decided to move out and the landlord gave you a gift, would it stop you from moving out? If you keep the place clean and pay your rent on time, would a gift make you continue to do so? Turn it around and say if you never cleaned the place and were late with the rent all the time, would a gift change your ways?

People will live how people will live and tenants will come and go. Everybody has their own standards and ethics but they also have their own goals and agenda. If a tenants happens to match yours as a landlord then great. If they don't then there is nothing you can do about.


"Gambling promises the poor what property performs for the rich – something for nothing"
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