From: Terry O

hi all
looking for some advice on ip's in newcastle.hoping to purchase my first soon.
the market seems to be very hot at the moment
most houses that are good are selling within 1 week and are getting asking price.this makes negotiating very hard.I want to know if i should jump in now or maybe wait till things cool down a bit.Would appreciate any replies from anyone familiar with Newcastle

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From: Miakat .


I've recently bought my first IP in Newcastle. If you'd like to discuss, email me and we can discuss any specific questions that you have.

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From: Terry O

Hi Mia,
thanks for the reply.i've only just found it.anyway i just want your thoughts on the areas to buy in,where did you buy,how much? units, houses.I'm thinking middle ring suburbs,new lambton,adamstown may be good growth areas.returns aren't that good though.Maybe i just have to look a bit harder!
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