Next property


Formerly PPOR but now IP Valued conservatively @ $450000 owing $250000
Rented out @ $420/week to a good tenant.

Formerly IP but now current home valued @ $350000 owing $318000.

Now feel the need to move into a bigger house so will
make current home into an IP too which can be rented for $350/week.

I am eyeing to buy a PPOR between $450000 to $500000 mark.

Personal situation. Stable job. Can afford to pay $2kish/mth towards mortgage
without much effort and can take in a few IR rises without sweat.

Can / Will any bank lend me to buy PPOH or am I too ambitious and should just bid time and wait for equity to build up ?

Not really considering selling anything at this stage as I feel both props may for themselves while still keeping me negatively geared.

On a side note..I sincerely appreciate the help and knowledge imparted by all the forumites over the years. Thanks.