No Email Access !

Hi Sim,

I v. rarely use the web i/f -
- it's to slow to keep clicking threads
- it's obvious to anyone looking over my shoulder at work that I'm not working
- it gets logged by the proxy at work - so I could be asked to clear my desk at any time

So I always get the email digest every morning & read it with my other mail - solves all the above problems.

Can you confirm that this s/w doesn't support email digest ?

Sorry to be negative, but I see this as a MAJOR drawback of the new s/w. Can you check to see how many people had email digest enabled on the 'old' forum ?


Yes I can confirm that the current version of this software does not support sending posts out via email.

Email digests have been a frequently requested feature to be added in future releases (ie. vBulletin v3), but the developers have not yet confirmed what features will make the final release.

I do regret the loss of this feature, as I do know that quite a few people found this of great value with the WebBoard forum.

When we (I) chose this software, there was a set of features that we decided that we must have. Reliability, speed and good support were among the most important features after all the problems we've had with the WebBoard forum.

I spent a lot of time researching all the commonly used software out there, trying out features, browsing through the support forums, trying to work out which software works the best and which has the closest match to our feature requirements.

There were several good choices out there, but I chose vBulletin because it is VERY widely used, has a very good support community, is extremely fast - even under heavy usage, and has a very good feature set.

I have seen vBulletin based forums out there which have well over 1 million posts in them and hundreds of active users and performance was still excellent.

Unfortunately, some compromises needed to be made to match the best balance of our feature requirements, and performance and reliablity of the web based interface was deemed more important than providing email access at this stage.

As I said, I do regret the loss of this feature, and I will let you know if we get confirmation about whether these features will be in an upcoming version of the software.

(PS. There is no confirmed release date for vBulletin v3 yet, but I would expect it to be available before the end of the year.)