No interest! Would you hold, sell VF???

Hi Ed

Great suggestion, thanks. Here is the link to the ad - more than welcome any comments. I think the photos and write up is ok. The property doesn't have any furniture at the moment so I would need to hire a staging company to fill it with furniture for the photos if we felt it needed better photos.

The copy (write up) is good. I think x weeks free rent sounds better than reduced rent for x weeks however.

There is an OFI advertised for tomorrow in the middle of the day. IMO if you're doing OFIs during the week an evening is far more desirable to tenants. Have you been doing Saturday opens? If not, why not?

While the pictures could be improved they show what the unit is. I wouldn't change them - rental pictures just need to entice someone to view. I would never stage a rental.

It looks like the kitchen has a half sized dishwasher, there's no mention of that in the copy.
Many thanks for your comments Ed

I agree with your comment about the x no weeks 'free rent'. I put the 'free rent' option and the 'x weeks reduced rent' option to the PM. The PM chose the reduced rent option as they could put the reduced rate ($320 vs ongoing of $340) on the front page and (I think - but unconfirmed) that they may have thought that they wouldn't be paid for the 'free rent' weeks - I will confirm that I will be the one out of pocket (they will still receive their PM fees etc).

We definitely do Saturday open homes - unfortunately no one through last Sat. The PM emailed me this morning advising that they have an interested potential tenant and they had confirmed this time, so they are opening the apartment up as an open home at the same time. I will make sure future weekday open homes are in the afternoon - after 4pm.

I could certainly ask the PM to retake photos and compare - no harm in looking at the alternatives.

The apartment does have a half size dishwasher and microwave (no oven though). I will ask the PM to add this to the advert. All the rentals in this price bracket appear to have full size dishwashers.
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