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From: James Johnson

Reading through the posts I keep coming across the theme that 'everything's negotiable' in RE. How about we start a thread boasting (I mean telling or informing of course) of things that have been negotiated. I'd start it off but the number of IPs I've negotiated could be counted on the hand of a fingerless man. This is mainly so that some of us newbies can get an idea of the kind of things that can be haggled with a bit of skill (and luck). I pass this on to... whoever's out there.
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What is negotiable in the IP world

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From: Robert Forward

Ok then what is negotiable within Real Estate:

The purchase price:
The sale price:
The RE Agents sale commission:
The RE Agents property management percentage:
The solicitors/conveyancers costs:
Bank fees:
Application fees:
Interest rates charged by the bank:
Property Valuation:
LVR by bank:
Rental Reliability (as in the amount of the rent the banks will factor into your income {usually 70-80% but can be pushed up to 100%}):
Landlord insurance:
Maintenance by contractors on the property:

What isn't negotiable (that I know of):
Council rates:
Stamp duty:
Loan Mortgage stamp duty:
Loan Mortgage Insurance: Though I'd be interested in hearing of anyone that has negotiated this...
Body Corp:

But anyway, that is my list that I can think of at 12pm at night...

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What is negotiable in the IP world

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From: Robert Longmore

12 PM at Night! not a bad list though
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