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From: Jason Kidd

Hi Mia,

Agree with you that Newcastle is doing well, but its certainly nowhere near 25% for the quarter (equivalent to 100% for the year??). I have a couple of props. in Newcastle, each having achieved around 14-18% for the last year (approx.). Certain tightly held areas of free standing homes have performed over 20% for the last year, but I havent seen any suburb achieve 25% in the last 3 months (if I am wrong please correct me - actually I hope Im wrong!!) Capital growth figures are usually printed in each issue of API, and reports from either Residex or Home Price Guide should be able to help you out.

Again, let me know if you have any info contrary to what I have mentioned.


PS Can you give me some details of the Freestyler set-up in Newcastle (wasnt even aware it was around here)

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From: Miakat .


The latest statistics that are out show approx 25% for the quarter. This was from the REINSW and was printed in the Newcastle Herald the other Saturday. That is not the same as 100% for the year. The market has shot up since Christmas to absolutely ludicrous levels. I have made about 40% on my places in 6 months and most of that has been in the last few months.

I keep a close eye on the market and have seen this huge increase in the last short period of time and I just thought it interesting that the statistics represent it.

As for Newcastle Freestyler, we meet once a month. If you check out you'll see when our next meeting is on. Alternatively, email me and I'll put you on my email distribution so you can ensure you are kept up to date with what we are up to. For example we have a free seminar coming to Newcastle on 6 Jun called Sheer Success.


Newcastle Freestyler Coordinator
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From: Jeremy Laws

This is probably exceptional, but 54k in late June 2001 sold for 145k in June 2002. Newcastle outer suburb. I have a couple of others that have done almost as well. A comfortable 100% a year.
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