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From: Felicity W.

Hi everyone
Just a query - what would you do if you had a property going to auction that you were interested in purchasing, but can't get to the auction?
I've been told that prior bids are a waste of time (deceased estate).
Should I do it anyway? Or move on and find another deal?
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
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From: See Change

Prior bids are never a waste of time . What do you have to loose ?

see change

it's better to be guided by your dreams than your fears
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From: Michael Keleher

Felicity......there is no real problem if you are serious about the property.
About two years ago I had to attend a family wedding interstate on the same day as an auction of a rates recovery property. I had nobody I could trust to bid for me so after determining the value , I submitted a written offer with a cheque for 10% of the amount to the agent.
I instructed the agent to contact me on one of several mobile numbers if I won it or bidding exceeded my offer. The only condition was that my cheque was not to be banked unless I was the winner. This was all documented by letter and fax.
Anyway I did win it and still have it.
There are many variations on this but I would prefer a trusted friend to bid for me if possible and sign and/or if agreeable.
Ask the agent, you have to deal with him anyway if must go to auction.
Cheers Mike
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