Non-built in dishwasher ?


Anyone out there have any experiences with portable or benchtop dishwashers ?

We live in a rented unit with no dishwasher and it is killing us :(

I was hoping that someone could recommend a company that makes these types of dishwasher (don't just want a retailer... want manufacturers).

I know LG make one - anyone know how much they tend to retail for ?

What kind of services do you need - ie. how does it connect to water / drainage ?

How effective are they ? Is it worth the hassle ?
I used to have one Sim.

It connected to the taps over the sink like a washing machine (you unscrew the water filter, and attach it to the thread on the tap), and the outlet is a hose into the sink, again like a washing machine. The power is via usual plug in, and doesnt need to be wired in.

I bought it in the trading post for about $100 and sold it for the same about 4 yrs later (Still working perfectly).

It wasn't the prettiest machine, but it worked, and I didn't have to do the dishes..!! YAY!

It was on wheels, and since I didn't have any space in the kitchen I used to roll it out of the laundry of an evening and use it, then roll it back. :)

I found it really good, in my situation (rented unit).

Maybe try the trading post. They seem to hit a price bottom, where any working model will get the same price, so you can often get the same when you sell it as you did when you bought it!!

hope this helps

asy :D
Sorry Sim,

This was during the years that I left my brain parked in a small box.

I remember it had a silver dial on the top right... does that help?

I vaguely (VERY vaguely) think it was a westinghouse, or something like that.

It had no bells or whistles, but cleaned well. It was old when I got it!

asy :D
From memory, I think they are around the $300-350 mark.

You may find a bargain in Caravan Parks from people who are tired of using it or just run out of room.

Good luck
I discovered that the full sized Dishlex dishwashers have a mobile conversion kit - as described in this thread - we just bought ourselves one - no renovations required ... and it works a treat !
I'm glad you bought a proper one. A friend of mine has a portable, but it doesn't work very well... he doesn't recommend them at all.

Hi there.

We also bought a mobile dishwasher when we were renting. When we bought our own home, we simply had it installed in the cupboard and sold the parts that made it mobile, back to the retailer.

Try checking in the Choice magazine to see if they have done any tests on dishwashers.
Tiny Dishwashers

Hi Sim,

I investigated these about 2 years ago before setlling on a 450mm wide model for our (now rental) old home. That was a Zanussi, and I'd get the same again in a flash - Excellent italian made dishwasher.

I can't remember any other supplier names, but I can reccomend John Boer Retravision in Heathmont Melbourne. I remember spending a couple of hours on the phone chasing every different retailer in Melbourne and he had the biggest range by far, and the best prices. (Sometimes it's hard to actually believe the growing evidence that the guy around the corner might just be the best in town!) Looking for a normal built-in model only 450mm wide most people just gave me a blank look - in fact I had to convince one salesmen to actually look up his catalogue before he would believe me that the range he sold _did_ have a 450mm wide model.

I would suggest you give him a call, even if only to get the names of the manufacturers, but he might know some Sydney contacts as well.

Good luck,
Sometimes it helps to read the whole thread!

Greetings again Sim,
I missed your post saying you'd actually bought one. Oops!

Well done, sounds like the Dishlex crowd have done some very good thinking for a changing market. About time!