Not happy with refinanced home loan results

Yikes! What's done is done, you have lost some tax deductible debt for the future.

As suggested get a quality broker, They will have your goals in mind. The bank only thinks of itself.
Reading this thread is a bit of aggravation I didn't need, and a bit of my life I'll never get back... :)
When i told the dragon call staff i was leaving because the interest only offset they were offering was faulty. ( even the local branch lender guy said my IP loans are not being offset)

The staff said. True we did change policy regarding i/o offset accounts But i think you'll find all other banks following our lead because a true offset is illegal.

Time will tell i guess probably best to call a broker though.
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I'd be interested to know why offset accounts (which have been around since the early 90s) are illegal?

More likely they're nervous about ARPA and their book of interest only loans. That doesn't make anything illegal but it does impact their ability to access cheap money.
Yeah Peter not sure what is illegal .( doubt she really knew herself)
Just struck me the staff was totally unconcerned that following her advice would obviously cost many thousands on a 30 year loan.