NRAS in middle ridge, Toowoomba?

Hi all, a noob here and this is my first post (been lurking around).

I'm currently looking for first IP and considering an NRAS townhouse in Toowoomba. The area sounds quite promising and the number makes sense - slightly positive geared after the incentives. Ideal on paper since I'm also awaiting for an OTP in 2014 (ppor)

The question is, is this the best place for the 20% deposit? ... I can choose a regular property, but the deposit will still be 20% as I'm a temporary resident waiting for PR (and can only buy new property at the moment).

Much depends on a bunhc of other things personal to you

We deal with a lot of folks on temp visas..............which will later convert to perms

Dont be in a hurry to spend your investment money .........the NRAS deal might sound nice, but not when you might wait and get a 90 % lend, and put the 10 % balance toward ur PPOR.

Thank you Rolf :)

I've been considering to wait - it's just a bit frustrating since I'm not sure when the Pr will come out (has been waiting for 2 years now) :rolleyes:
I know...........but saving your cash for lending againsg PPOR and investing at 90 % may work much better for you.

Right now I reckon u have too many rules deeming what you can do where